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  • neverbefore
    12-03 01:27 PM
    It is always advisable to take an Immigration Attorney with you during an AOS interview. Attorneys usually fill in when you pause or are uncertain. Thanks for sharing this information - looks like this is a very generic interview.
    The most important question was - to know if your educational qualification is good enough for the job and all other questions were just fillers.

    Congrats - hope you get ur GC soon :)

    Thanks Chandu. You too! And all of us here. :)

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  • new2gc
    03-06 09:29 PM
    Please let me know the mode of payment specific to this funding drive.
    $25 from my side.


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  • Gravitation
    07-06 08:41 PM
    Only 19 more needed to score the century!

    A century of flowers!

    :DWe need 2 Fours, a sixer, 2 twos and 1 one.:D

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  • gcisadawg
    04-14 12:43 AM
    Labor substitution may be legal but it is unethical. When everything depends on when you join the queue, how can one cut the line?

    Whereas EB3 to EB2 porting is both legal and ethical. When you have a EB3 applicant that is waiting in line for 8 years, he/she had already gathered that much experience based on his long wait. Also, if you look at EB2, it is one of the highly abused category. The EB3 applicant who started in 2001 has joined the line half a decade before the one with 2006 Eb2 PD. One can't really accuse him/her for cutting the line just like one can about substitutes! If the EB3 porting case deserves merit, then I strongly support it!

    My intention is not to to start a fight. But we need to see the true picture. Without acknowledging the problem how can we fix it?
    Bottom line, GC abuses need to stop and we should fight for it as much as we fight for our rights to get GC!

    As expected,I got a red dot on my post. And as usual, it was anonymous!
    Pls. come out in open to share your views!


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  • chanduy9
    07-05 02:45 PM
    you are going to have to do a simaltenous media drive, writing that flowers are scheduled to be sent on the 10th of July. Please cover. So they would be ready to publish, when the time comes.

    pls see plan of action in the same thread. If you haven't send the flowers, please send the flowers and join us. Spread this to your friends too.


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  • canyouhearme
    04-13 05:51 PM
    Hi All
    Glad to see this team has taken on the gaint!!!

    I am a beneficiary of the GC process , my husband being the primary applicant.
    Applied for 485 in 2002.So now i am in the "pending immigrant" category.
    I attend a top Medical school and expect to be offered a Leadership TrainingGrant under the Bush's no child left behind program to serve US citizen/residents children/infants.

    As this package comes with a payback ie need to serve the country/citizens anywhere in the world for 2 yrs post graduation i need to evaluate my options. I take this grant and move away without payback it will be fraud or i will have to payback 80K!!!( tuition etc)

    With the GC in limbo and not sure what will happen I will be forced to reject this offer!! I will get full scholarship from elsewhere so i aint worried about it.. but this country has missed out on my services due to the delay in GC.

    Currently i am assigned in the Veterans Affairs and treat soldiers from Iraq and other places, also I am expecting to take up a position in VA post graduation (ie only if I get GC!!/Citizenship.. which could i could have if the GC were to be processed in 1-1/5 yrs and post that 5 yrs would be the time of my graduation) Again this country is loosing.
    I am sure there are many more stories like this...

    Thanks for hearing my story...


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  • +ve
    05-17 12:36 AM
    Does one need to be on an F1 (students) visa to get an assistantship?? Can one work only on university campus while doing their assistantship?? If not where is one eligible to work on assistantship & what type of jobs are available?? My wife is planning to do her CPA on an H4 visa, can she work on assistantship while pursuing it??�Please respond.

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  • ragz4u
    04-24 10:50 PM
    You represent a very important category of people who are planning to not go through this ordeal having observed others before you. You are exactly the kind of people US cannot afford to lose!

    Your story can also help us immensely. We would appreciate it if you could please send me an email using the first post as a template



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  • Leo07
    12-07 05:31 PM
    What Sheriff did is absolutely inhumane and entire human society must be ashamed of his act.
    IMHO, When a lady is 9 months pregnant, NO punishment to her is justifiable. Not in this world or the world after us, as simple as that. Any punishment must be postpartum, after full recovery.

    I can't believe there are people in this forum defending his actions.--Are we forgetting that Sheriff was dealing/punishing two people here? What did the unborn do to deserve this treatment?

    After reading this thread and the posts by people who supported the sheriff--I really have a bad taste in mouth. How low did we stoop as a human society that we can't understand the labor pains?

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  • kondur_007
    08-21 07:05 PM
    I don't realize why should anyone blame cableching...??

    It seems to me that he just shared the information that he got and the way he understood. Would anyone else have done it any differently?

    I dont think it really matters whether they have used up all visas now vs at the end of sept. Because, there were "X" number of visas to be given out and so "X" number of applicants would be chosen randomly (USCIS Lottery style..:p) and that happend...

    If at all, this is a good news, that they actually finished this lottery process and so nothing will go to waste...(It would be too bad if california Lotto comes out with a winner number ticket that does not belong to anyone!!!)

    And, we will never know whether this news is true or it is a misunderstanding on the part of cableching or the IO lady. (I personally dont think either of them are lying...but it could be a misunderstanding, especially with regard to category EB3 vs EB2). Regardless whether it is ture or a misunderstanding, we will see approvals coming through over next several months. (Just like what happened in June 07). So it is quilte likely that many of the waiting people would get their GCs if their names is picked up in the lottery!! So good luck to all...

    I also believe that such memo WILL need to be sent out to all USCIS local offices as they do process some applications in some cases (with interviews etc...) and they do need to know if all the numbers are exhausted.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    12-19 12:17 PM
    :) Come on guys, We got thre first time contributor. I need two more. Please post here, if you are first time contributor and contributing more than $50

    Hi Guys, Lets prepare ourselves for the Next step .....and get our problems solved. $20...is nothing compared to your other expenses - daily or otherwise. :)

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  • redds777
    06-09 10:23 PM
    Those of you who dont believe IV is not spending the money collected judiciously, I completely understand your concern. please attend one event and you see for yourself and then decide if you want to continue the donations. After seeing the usage of resources and efforts IV is putting i am sure you will be convinced . For ex; for this Event IV had to book Hyatt hotel conference room for 3 days in washington DC for co-ordinating and training the members who are meeting the lawmakers.Everything is expensive in DC as you may have noticed.

    We are all professionals in IV. We dont want to make a living out of deceiving people. we all have our day jobs . we are trying to achieve a common goal which will benifit a lot of people on this forum and those who are not in this forum also .

    you may be wondering why i am suddenly becoming more active and writing so many posts. you are right i had never written so many posts before and I am not one of teh core IV as well. After attending the event i realized how many other competing groups are aiming for the same pie ie. green cards for various categories through lobbying efforts on the hill. if we dont rise up and fight for our piece of the pie, other groups will eat our piece and leave the emply box for us .

    Again do actively participate and give it a try you will be satisfied with the outcome.


    I never asked this question for myself

    And I never discredited anyone for their effort

    I am just chipping in with a suggestion on how to improve members' involvement level. It's unfortunate you have interpreted this as some kind of personal attack, which it is anything but


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  • yumyum20
    08-17 12:44 AM
    I'm curious if the POE officers know if a person has been laid off? A friend of mine is planning to travel to Canada for the first time. He has an H1b for the past 6 years and approved I-140 and extension. He was laid off for 5 months from Company A but has an approved extension for Company B. This was 4 years ago.. His been working for company B eversince w/o problems.

    His worried about traveling. His planning to use Auto Revalidation with his B1 visa. Can somebody advice?

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  • sanjaymk
    08-22 02:57 PM
    :DWhy are u late to the party man?:D All the booze is gone...:D:D

    LMAO :D:D:D


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  • enthu999
    04-13 02:33 AM

    We don't want to create more divisions based on how they got in to queue for GC. As a matter of fact, my company filed I-140 based on a old labor, where the skills were matching exactly and the previous person left the company. The company that I work in has 8500 employees, I was not even aware that they filed premium for I-140. I did not have to pay dime for all the process.

    Pls remember filing substitution labor was legal back then.

    However, USCIS removed this provision in 2007 and the discussion ends there.

    When you compare all other issues that are the root causes for the retrogression, we are spending the time and energy on some thing that would not help any one.


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  • minimalist
    03-06 01:39 PM
    Keep up the good work ..
    Ajay, I am working on this. Will get back to everyone as soon as I hear something from core. This must be an IV account but specific to this cause. Please bear with me for a while.


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  • manugee
    02-25 11:21 AM
    Very good idea. I don't know how can i support but I'm in.

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  • santb1975
    11-29 12:56 PM

    hairstyles 1991 Mercedes-Benz F 100 1981 Mercedes Benz Auto 2000 Concept. Mercedes-Benz Coupe Concept,
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  • andy garcia
    02-05 08:19 AM
    No cap would be the best solution... but that is very tough to sell in Washington....That's why all this complications of asking to take dependents out of the cap and allowing overflow to go to China/India...

    As I understand, IV already made these arguments to senators and even the senators who are sympathetic to immigration are not willing to remove the cap..The only thing they would accept is that the overflow would go to India/China/oversubscribed countries....I wonder if one of the core members would comment on this.....You do not need to name names....Just a request give a description of your interactions with law makers in this regard...That would put this issue to rest.....

    theortically what longg says is correct.The system is not fair......but not many are listening to us at this point...So we have to find some way out of the situation.....

    We need both alisa and longg as members because we need more to get traction in Washington.....the only common solution for these would be to get the numbers increased somehow....Otherwise EB3-EB3-India-China-ROW keep fighting each other...you would have nothing....

    If the DOS says this is because this what the law establishes:

    "The annual per-country limitation of 7% is a cap, meaning visa issuances to any single country may not exceed this figure. This limitation is not a quota to which any particular country is entitled, however. The per-country limitation serves to avoid monopolization of virtually all the visa numbers by applicants from only a few countries.

    How do you like if people from a certain country go to India to take all your jobs?

    07-17 07:35 PM

    I would certainly contribute to IV this is my promise.
    :D :D :D

    09-07 11:50 PM
    Guys : dont waste time replying to this guy's comments. Spend time convincing your friends to make it to DC. If you cannot go personally, sponsor someone.
    If you have Universities in your area, check with the local students if they want to go.
    Try your level best to get maximum attendance at the rally.