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  • rknarayanan
    07-17 07:20 PM
    I became a member during the July 12th announcement frenzy. This is my first post.

    Thank you IV for all the things you have done.

    I just made a contribution to IV
    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 19:41 GMT-04:00
    Google Order #564367831765560

    Please keep the lobbying efforts going and I am sure a lot of people just like me will supply the man power and the money power to get retrogression extinct and justice for immigrants who contribute to the American society in a variety of ways.

    Thank you!

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  • gcdesirer
    08-20 01:55 PM
    Does it say when they filed their 485?
    Yes it does..

    ID PD/ RD/ Approved Date
    kalikart -- 11/26/03 : 5/1/08 : 8/19/09

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  • ragz4u
    04-20 09:14 AM
    Even during the recess, we were talking to the staff of a ton of senators. Most of the time the senators' staff are interested only if someone from 'their constituency' is also affected. We always say we have a ton of folks from each state, but nothing works like a real example.

    For example, when we speak to say Senator Kennedy, it helps us to present the story of folks affected by retrogression and living in say Boston, MA. That way, the staff has some incentive to look into this and get hooked immediately.

    Since time is short this time, we need all the stories from each state to make our case.

    As promised, we will not reveal your story to media if you do not want to.
    Though there is no harm to reveal one's name in media as can be noticed by the folks featured in the Roll Call article, Philly Inquirer and News Observer.

    We will just concentrate on the crux how you are suffering because of delays such that even if your boss reads this story, he will not be offended or put off (Read our members stories in the three articles I have mentioned, none of it can get the IV members in any trouble at all).

    At the same time we understand that you might have reasons to remain out of media and we will fully respect that.

    But please send in your stories so we have a convincing story to make our case.....

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  • rxk2303
    08-09 02:46 AM
    Any help in finding a lawyer who is an experienced hand to represent an Out of Status case would be of great help. Please and it is very urgent too. Thanks in advance folks.


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  • antihero
    04-11 11:36 PM
    I believe as per the current rules CIS routinely assigns the PD of the substitute labor as the PD of the replacement worker.

    What Rajiv Khanna says is very fair, but unfortunately CIS is not run by Khanna. In any case, can you please post the link to the aforementioned blog.

    I read on Rajiv Khanna's blog that PD for LC substitution cases should be the date when I-140 is filed for substitute however, there is evidence that USCIS has wrongly assigned orginal priority date of LC filing, to substitute (I have seen this happening in one case at least, where susbstitue got priotity date of LC).

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  • pappu
    02-27 03:16 PM
    I am going to take the liberty of putting together an agenda for the conference call, just to make it more productive. I can play scribe for the call.

    The call will be for a maximum of 60 mins, unless someone wants to take it longer than that.

    1. Quick introductions - State your name - GC application stage. - 10 mins
    2. Brainstorming session -- 20 mins
    2. Volunteers who want to be part of the smaller sub-group need to come forward. -- 5 mins
    This is purely to get thoughts/ideas streamlined. Everybody needs to chip in once the action plans are drafted.
    3. Volunteers to exchange contact information. -- 10 mins
    4. Miscellaneous -- 15 mins (if needed)

    Please add more items if you feel they are necessary.

    I will try to scrape all the ideas generated in this thread and will summarize for the call. If anyone wants to post more ideas/comments/suggestions/criticisms, go right ahead and post.

    Good idea to have a conference call.
    Create a team of people who want to actively take part in such effort. These people will be leaders and will do all the planning and execution.

    We will provide support for the functioning of this team.
    Work on various ideas and see if they can be implemented, are as per current law and regulations.... What kind of budget do you need and can help raise etc.

    We will provide guidance during the process if you need it. Also explore the possibility of a big lobby day in DC and create a team of participants for it. We see this event as a possibility in the near future to push our advocacy efforts.


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  • spicy_guy
    06-10 12:42 AM
    Excellent!!! very well put out! :)

    I am not on estrogen therapy, but I decided to write about the feelings that I underwent during the 3 days of the event. If you do not want to read the entire post, skip to the last paragraph.

    1. Anxiety: On Sunday, as I was making my way towards Hyatt Regency on the Capitol Hill (a beautiful and an expensive hotel) I was a little anxious about meeting new people (I am a closet introvert :D ). I was not sure if the people would just continue the non-productive conversations about Eb3 vs EB2 or India vs ROW or just be plain annoying. Boy, was I wrong!!! That anxiety disappeared in a matter of minutes after walking in the situation room. The folks were dedicated and meant business. The leadership of the core group was evident, they made sure that we didn't go off message, relatively an easy task for them since most of us there realized the importance of keeping on message.

    2.Excitement: As we started the training, people started pouring great ideas (and few not so great IMHO).The trainer in chief chased each of these ideas to its logical conclusion and without saying whether they had merit or not made it obvious for us to decide. How classy and what a phenomenal coaching style!. The talking points that we discussed were articulated meticulously and question/comments were dealt with insight, experience and facts (this one is very important, we all know what opinions are like...). This was the one feeling (excitement) that lasted through the 3 days and I still cant shake it off (not that I am trying, but I don't want people to confuse me for the energizer bunny!! - we have some one else for that ;))

    3.Nervousness: The first meeting. No, no not with the folks from Congress, but the mock meeting at the training session. The veterans gave us a demonstration of their insights/ knowledge and quick wit. So of course I was nervous coming in after that performance. I volunteered to be on the first ones of these mock sessions and felt all eyes in the room on me. I tried to focus on the task at hand (which was at that time, to stop my legs from shaking ;)). Perhaps, the mock session was the toughest of all the meetings that I had on the hill (remember that the hotel was 'on the hill' too :)).

    4.Awesomeness: This is what it was all about. For me as a first timer, entering the hallowed halls of congress and participating in the democratic process up close and personal is an awesome feeling. Just walking down those corridors and noticing the closed doors with signs that say 'Appropriations Committee', or 'Democratic Caucus' and knowing that laws that affect lives of more than 300 million people are being crafted, debated and being voted on right there....what a rush. I think this too will be with me for a long long time.

    5.Camaraderie: This is a fun bunch of serious people on a mission. I think mostly everyone hit off well with everyone else. I made a whole bunch of acquaintances that I feel could mature into strong friendships. Even though we worked our collective butts off, there was always light hearted humor floating around. It was great.

    6.Gratitude: Looking at the hard work put in by the countless tireless volunteers was a humbling experience. These very kind souls put in hour after hour of work during the event but they put in even more before the event started. I don't know, if the rest of you know, organizing an event at such a scale is a massive undertaking and despite hiccups we came out the other end in great shape. My gratitude goes to all the people that put their hearts, minds and souls in allowing our community to participate in the democratic process at the highest level. Thanks for making this happen.

    Why am I writing this you wonder (or may be not). This event changed me. I felt myself grow in these 3 days. I rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous and powerful men and women in the nation and conveyed our message. I also saw first hand the resource constraints that IV has and how they figure something out and make it happen. Trust me folks, it is not easy to work thanklessly for days on end for 18 hours and still keep a cheerful demeanor but they did. My sincere thanks to IV leadership, all the fellow volunteers and all monetary contributers for allowing me such a great opportunity. Part of me hopes that we never have to do this again, but that hope also makes me sad that I probably wont get to experience a full gamut of feelings again.

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  • rajuram
    12-20 08:42 PM
    I contributed $25 today thru PayPal.


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  • ragz4u
    04-12 10:07 AM
    of a fortune 500 company. Going by his email and profile, most countries and organizations would die to hire him. But, he is stuck in backlog. :(

    Guys, please send us your stories, we can compile a list of all the stories and pass them on to senators for them to see how US will lose if they do not care about highly skilled immigrants

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  • Caliber
    06-07 02:06 PM
    Thanks for the update Pappu. I am ashamed of missing this big and important event.


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  • afialam
    12-16 06:40 PM
    I was finally able to obtain my new passport, but not without a fight until the end.

    After two weeks of submission, I enquired from NY if they have received a clearance from the original passport issuing office (mine was Doha). They said NO. So I decided to contact the Doha consulate. They asked me send them the File number and receipt number. They also asked me to send scanned pages of my original passport, so keep those handy.

    Once I emailed all these to Doha, they reverted back saying, that they have received everything and have faxed clearance to NY. When I called NY later, they claimed they have not received any fax. Infact one lady told me that the Fax might be in some other part of the building and will take time to reach her!!. So here started the iterations between Doha and NY. I would ask Doha to refax and NY would claim not to receive it.

    I later on asked Doha if they could email the clearance to NY. They responded positively and following their email, I got a call from NY that they have received clearance and passport is ready.

    If I would not jumped around, it would have taken a long long time for my passport to get ready. So be active and start the process for your new passport asap. Good Luck! :rolleyes:

    After getting the form notarized (from a UPS store that has a public notary available), I made a second trip to the consulate and was able to submit the documents! (btw, I was in the queue for 1.5 hours!,,,Those of you going to the NY consulate, make sure u get there when doors open!)

    Something new had to pop out.. So, after submission I was told the process could take four weeks because they need some sort of clearance from the consulate that issued the original passport. What sort of clearance.. I have no idea. My passport was issued in Doha. But I have heard from some of my friends who had passports issued in India also facing the same issue.

    So those of you planning to travel in the near future and need to go to the consulate for passport reissue, go as early as possible and rid urself of some stress! :rolleyes:

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  • shantanup
    09-18 10:33 AM
    Well - I agree. What you say is true. In the past - IV leadership came up with campaigns and with plan and then the heat picked up and members started contributing and working hard and thats how all these campaigns are a success to some extent.

    Now when new members are trying to come up with something - I personally feel that IV leadership must either endorse and support and guide or if such new campaigns that are not coming directly from IV core may not be advisable because they may not be the best approach - I think IV core can communicate the concern and intent to not ssupport new campaigns.

    If there is no response - it becomes difficult for people to do anything because most people spring into action ONLY when IV core endorses the effort otherwise members will start campaigns - get no support or very little support and the campaigns will just go wasted.

    On another note - it is always the best to join State chapters and talk to chapter leads and also mobilize people in state chaapter level - itis not easy but works in long run


    I wrote a letter to the university chancellor where I graduated from and urged him to use his power to influence lawmakers to pass STEM -or similar -bills or face the consequences in the form of dwindling enrollment of brilliant students. I used strong but not so harsh words. Refer to the following thread.


    My state chapter leader was also excited about this idea. I posted the letter and the chancellor's response on this forum only to motivate someone 'higher up' to read it, endorse it and make it an action item for everybody (with a US degree). I feel now that I did my part as a dedicated member but the IV leaders (those who have the authority in IV circle) failed to lead my initiative or take it to a higher level (may be I am not able to find better words here).


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  • GCDream
    07-17 09:10 PM
    Immigration Voice Core made the difference.
    Keep going. Lets pass all the hurdles.:D

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  • gcdreamer05
    03-09 02:17 PM
    Thanks just now i contributed 25$ .... Go IV...


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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-08 01:27 PM
    I am surprised that I haven’t been banned yet. Since, I am not; I will fight till the end. Now, you fellas must be eagerly waiting for my replies. Though you are not worth my time, but have patience, I am still going to reply to you all one by one, clearing any doubts you might have.
    This will be my contribution to protect our way of living ...

    Message to the people moderating this forum: You call yourselves an open forum then show some guts, let me present my points. I am going to be posting series of messages and will try to be "Civil". But don't you dare to lock me out

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  • sabhayk
    04-18 11:09 AM

    I have a question. I am a MS student who graduates late May and would not have my diploma till then. I asked my lawyer about the advanced quota and they told me that I would be needing the letter of completion from the school (which is not possible until I finish with this semester).

    What are the odds of the Master's Cap still staying open in and around end of Apr and First week if May.

    Anyone has the latest count. Please post it.




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  • kumarc123
    07-10 01:43 PM
    I tend to agree.... nowhere in the past discussions IV seem to have cared about EB3s. It is more frustrating to see this situation sincce Eb3's have been suffering for longer with no hopes what so ever.
    And anyone trying to implicate that EB3s are less skilled are plain wrong - we got in EB3 limbo due to large corporations doing things by book (or for plain long term commitment out of workers).

    Either way, IV leadership needs to re-iterate and re-emphasize at least once that this is not EB2 fight only but EB fight in general. IV discussions simply have gone EB2 biased only for too long.

    To answer your query,
    Let me start by repeating myself, it is not about EB2 or EB3. We all are EB communities. We didn't design the system, neither we believe ourselves to be superior to EB3. The point is all of us need to work together and help ourselves to change the system. IF EB2 gets some advantage then ultimately it will help EB3 as well.

    It is a simple logic, when the cake gets cut it rolls down to all the people in line. If there is no cake, whats the point of arguing who is ahead in line?

    Please everyone, stop complaining about who is ahead, work together. Instead of complaining do some more constructive, involve more people. lets gather necessary means to file this lawsuit.


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  • sbindval
    07-17 09:57 PM
    Job well done!

    In a true grassroots organization like IV, can ideas and policy determinations flow from the ground up as well as from the top down in a democratic fashion. IV is...by the people for the people

    please keep up the good work and as the IV community grows, i hope it does not become a bureaucratic institution like USCIS.

    Contributed some more $ just now. Others, please contribute as well.

    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 10:24 PM EDT
    Google Order #117879563530612

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  • pappu
    12-19 08:07 PM
    AS per my pledge today, I just contributed $100. Thanks to five first time contributors,

    Paypal ID : 4759 4086 7869 7244

    Originally Posted by khodalmd
    Originally Posted by khodalmd

    Since inception of IV, I contributed four time total $400. To encourage members who have not contributed so far, I have following deal.
    Five members who are first time contributing more than $50 each should post here. After I will have information about five new members' contribution, I will contribute $100 more

    Time : 12/19/06 11.43 ET
    Thank you very much.

    04-24 03:22 PM
    What is even more frustrating is that we are chasing this so called American Dream during the most potent years of our lives and literally wasting our lives away.

    That's exactly it Ragz. That one statement summarized it all. The MOST potent and important years of our lives and our spouses lives are going Right down the drain. I feel even worse for the spouses. Atleast we HAVE jobs and our careers are going SOMEWHERE. The countless spouses on here and even more so not on here are suffering away today for a better tomorrow. It may just happen that when the Work permits/ GCs do come thru, our spouses' skills may be extinct due to having no work for so many months/years.

    This is definitely an angle to explore. As my spouse was telling me the other day. God Forbid, if this problem lasts for another year and then some of us decide to move back coz we are tired of this nonsense, our spouses will find it just as hard to find jobs in our home countries as well. Think about it, our home countries are pumping out fresh blood everyday. Will the companies select them, or someone who has been out of touch with the job scene for 1-2 (or many more) years?

    11-22 04:42 PM
    how to contribute less than 100$