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  • solaris27
    03-14 08:52 AM
    your brother have 2 year left in his engg , ask him to keep these prrof and if possible letter from collage .

    he should be okay .

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  • grp220glx
    08-21 11:14 AM
    Please see details in signature.

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  • Brightsider
    10-05 09:29 PM
    My cousin was able to get it same day.
    Drop everything and visit the local/nearest office as soon as you can.
    The guys there are usually very sympathetic in such cases.

    Best of luck

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  • mdmd10
    07-18 04:12 PM
    Since this is already being dicussed in the thread mentioned above. Thanks


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  • techbuyer77
    06-19 12:28 PM
    I guess it gives you an idea how efficiently they work

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  • surabhi
    06-03 09:54 AM
    I will be getting married to a H1 holder in India and because of the time involved in obtaining a marriage certificate, am planning to leave shortly after the wedding with my existing B2/tourist visa. What are my options of applying for a H4 once I do that - would I have to come back to India to apply for that, or can it be done from Canada/Mexico - are there any risks pertaining to intent of travel associated with such an action. Thanking you in advance for valuable help in this matter!

    From Ron Gotcher

    He can do that, but there is a chance that the CIS will reject the change of status application on the basis of preconceived intent. If he does come here, he should wait 60 days before filing the change of status application. My recommendation is that he apply for an H-4 abroad and then enter using the H-4 visa.


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  • engineer
    12-11 08:02 PM
    this is greta idea! and I have seen it used in my comany ..
    and people are motivated! you can see from recent campaign...people have contributed to 30K goal and we are near!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • deba
    12-09 06:12 PM
    I am a Canadian PR, went to visit last week. I don't live near the border so took a rental car. Nothing particular was asked Canadian side.


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  • indianabacklog
    04-02 01:06 PM
    Simple answer is there is no such thing as a temprorary EAD. There used to be but they were eliminated some years ago.

    You will just have to wait and hope. If however, the processing time exceeds 90 days you can take an infopass appointment and the local office will contact the service center to get things rolling.

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  • golgappas
    06-23 09:46 AM
    Try Naresh Gehi - 7182635999
    He is based in Queens - easily accessible from Manhattan too


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  • eager_immi
    03-27 03:14 PM
    Yes, a friend of mine was not given her VISA they did not say denial instead said they needed to further confirm her qualifiactions and field of research. This is bc she works in boitech and at that point there was the anthrax scare.


    Has an non muslim Indian passport holder been denied H1 visa in Canada due to security check ?

    I have US degree and I also have done stamping in Canada once before - what are the chances of getting stuck ?


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  • imcdude
    09-15 08:28 AM
    Given that you filed in Dec 2002, it is very possible that your labor petition has already been certified or at least adjudicated.

    You need to talk to your company/HR and get this resolved. Impress on them the importance of knowing the status of your petition.


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  • Azgc005
    06-22 10:11 AM
    My company has been getting mine done thru premium processing..The latest one took exactly one week from the date of receipt

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  • ca_immigrant
    04-29 09:06 AM
    I think this office has more folks...
    anyways, I do not know for sure.
    Last time I called I was on the phone for 2 hours waiting and talking to them for 45 minutes or so them trying to figure out what is wrong...they could not and was promised that I would hear back from them in a day...well its a week since then and no news...

    yesterday when I created this post I was in q waiting to talk to someone...

    waited for 3 hours and when I finally reached number 1 in q it was another 30 to 45 minutes wait (as #1 in q) but I guess they had already packed up for the day as I had called at 4 pm and reached #1 at 6:30 PM and at 7:15 PM they happily disconnected the call from q.... (which is not a suprise or is not the first time they did this)

    I also wonder under what basis our nice consulate stopped taking PIO and OCI application for a month (in Feb-Mar time frame) and now they are either heavily backlogged (as we are nearing the vacation season) or just that Travisa has no clue of thier act

    Travisa is horrible !!


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  • h1vegas
    06-30 10:47 AM
    AFAIK they dont know unless USCIS issues an RFE for tax returns. What was her status before she filed her 485?
    Also why are you concerned whether they know or not?

    Before that she was on H-4, I am still on H-1B

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  • manish756
    04-12 03:23 PM
    Today i received a mail(04/12/2009) .Uscis issued an RFE. I am still waiting for it in mail.
    she is currently in india . coming back on 04/15/2009. will there be any problem for her while coming back. I am july 2007 filer on priority Date eb3 ( 04/23/2003). I have left my employer last year.My 140 was approved on feb 2007. what are my options.



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  • pappu
    03-02 04:37 PM
    nope. Its not useful.

    focus on meeting the lawmakers in person at this time.

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  • jkvaisnavi
    04-02 11:21 AM
    Hope this helps!

    USCIS - Emergency Travel ( D&vgnextchannel=4c790a5659083210VgnVCM100000082ca60a RCRD)

    Emergency Advance Parole Documents
    If you are experiencing an extremely urgent situation, you may visit your local office to request an emergency advance parole document. When visiting a local office to request emergency advance parole, you should bring the following items:

    A completed and signed Form I-131, Application for Travel Document
    The correct I-131 filing fee
    Evidence to support the emergency request (e.g. medical documentation, death certificate)
    Two passport-style photos.

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  • Siddhartht
    07-26 02:37 AM
    Hi All

    I am on L1 visa , i will be getting married in dec-2009 . i want to apply to l2 visa for my wife. i see marriage certificate is required to apply for L2 visa .can't i apply for l2 visa & show the marriage certificate at consulate ?

    Please advise . i want to get my wife along with me after marriage

    07-29 12:28 PM
    You have to choose the option - Re-issue of passport.
    Fresh Passport is in case your passport expired 6 months back or more.

    Fill the form, print it, fill the rest of the applicable details in ink and send it.
    As you are already sending your old passport along, it is not that big of a deal.

    08-10 10:06 PM
    I buy your words, I think they are working half day on saturdays