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  • sathweb
    02-25 04:50 PM
    I read the beginning of the thread, did not read all the posts.
    I have been thinking something similar. Instead of targeting one Senator/Congressman we have to present our case to as many as Senators/ Congressman. Lets prepare a good power point or some other presentable document.
    I am ready to take appointment with my local Senator/Congressman and present our case. I am positive I can get appointment with my local congresswoman. Please lets create a plan.

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  • wellwishergc
    12-19 03:25 PM
    I forwarded the link of this campaign to 4 of my colleagues.

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  • vin13
    02-26 12:57 PM
    Since AILA has also taken interest into a proposal like this Don't you think we should engage them in planning the next strategy.,0225-endelman.shtm

    The link you have posted seems to talk about allowing to file for 485 even though the priority date may not be current.

    It would be difficult to combine both the proposals. The combination would mean that everyone would enjoy the benefits of being allowed to continue living and working in the country with no annual limit. Which basically means no control of immigrants.

    I am not in anyway opposing this. But we need to look at it based on how the decision makers are going to perceive it.

    I feel what is being proposed by 'realizeit' is realistic and will not hamper the annual limits. It would be good if someone has contacts with the AILA and can persue the matter as a coalition effort.

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  • viva
    02-03 10:44 PM
    According to a specialist on immigration forums "Mr UnitedNations" the unused visas are directly being used for EB3 ROW , I am not how he knows that but maybe thats what is happening.

    Maybe EB3 ROW being a diverse group is being given more precendence than highly subscribed countries.

    Your posts are getting very irritating with this blind belief in this "Unitednations" fellow. Why do you believe in him so much? What has he done?


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  • swamy
    11-19 09:52 PM
    Google Order #137102237032515

    good work! never said it three times in a single day so feel like I need vocals to go with it-bumbabhumbhum BHUMP! do you really look fwd to me after this?

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  • waiting_4_gc
    07-17 08:22 PM
    You Guys Rock!!! You are great!!!!! I don’t think this could have happened without your diligent effort. Again I'm proud of IV and feel great to be a member of this community.

    Just contributed $100 to this community thru Google check out.
    Order Details - Jul 17, 2007 5:57 PM PDT
    Google Order #212549421745090


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  • santb1975
    12-04 11:15 AM
    Thankyou for these. we still have $27165 to go

    Google Order #613806266463386 ............100.00
    Google Order #833957511846454 ............100.00

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  • sbind_77
    08-26 01:25 PM

    My PD is current now and my wife is leaving to India this October and will be back only next Feb 1st week.

    I still haven't got any LUD on my 485.

    In case if I get AOS Interview when my wife is not here, is it possible to change the date? or will I have enough time to bring my wife back for the interview. Basically, how many days before u'll get the Interview Letter before your Interview Date?



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  • ssreenu
    04-13 02:05 PM
    This is for you Mr. Goodintentions, we need to start somewhere so here we start.:)

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  • gsc999
    09-08 12:23 AM
    Guys & Gals,

    Let no one take you for granted. Stand up now for what is important to you.
    It is time to debunk all the negative myths about the high skilled legal immigrants.

    Be part of this historical event which will go down as a memorable story in the
    legal immigrant community. Be part of this amazing experience.

    Yes, you could always watch the rally on TV but its time to book the air ticket,
    take the bus or just take your car out for a long drive. Bring along your family,
    spouse and friends.

    Yes, together we can do this. See you in DC.


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  • eb3_nepa
    08-14 01:39 PM
    NOT TURE MY LUD IS NOT UPDATED. Rcvd receipts yesterday see below.....

    ote: Checks got cashed after 2 days of Receipts.

    I-140 Approved (NSC) 11/2006
    485 -- July 2nd 11:30a.m
    Receipt rcvd -- Aug 10th (Rcvd copy of receipts Aug 13th).
    LUD Not updated.

    I have seen some one else like me had the same process. Checks got cashed after 2 days of receipts.


    Your I-140 was approved in NSC and NOT in TSC. My observation is STRICLTY for people whose I-140s have been approved in TSC but have applied their I-485 in NSC.

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  • sheela
    08-14 01:44 PM
    Ok Here goes:

    1) Go to
    2) Click on "To register as an applicant customer click here."
    3) Accept the Terms and Conditions
    4) Enter the information CORRECTLY.
    5) Once done enter your I-140 SRC, LIN etc number without dashes by adding a case.
    6) Either immediately or after a day or so, IF there is an update on ur I-140 LUD you will see it.

    Thanks Eb3 Nepa
    It shows updated 7/22/07 what does it mean.It only reads as it used to 'I-140 approved on feb 24th 2006' . Anyway, my I-140 was approved from TSC and AOS filed at NSC on 7/2. still waiting for RN


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  • eb3_nepa
    02-05 11:27 AM
    Everyone in this forum knows that I am a complete moron: I did not even know ROW and Schedule A. So it does not make sense in paying attention to my advice. I still have the audacity to request everyone to pay more attention to the following.

    Both sides have very valid points. A healthy debate on the topic is insightfull specially to morons like me. However, it is sad to see contributing members fighting over an issue that we may NOT have to resolve. I wish we had such a vigorous debate on generating contributions which will serve some purpose.

    I agree Macaca. It never ceases to amaze me, how willing and ready everyone on here is to start a rousing argument over the smallest things instead of focussing on the main goal!

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 11:18 AM
    Plainspeak says.."As far as i know the whole MS F1 visa is a big scam and loophole to enter us and stay here when you are not supposed to and that is the loophole that needs to be closed first instesad of worrying about fruad porting and EB1 fraud. Closing thsi student GC loophole will clear up the whole EB retrogression mess "

    F1 is not a scam. its legal visa. once u enter into usa on F1, u can stay here to study. while doing MS, u can also work on CPT legally. after completion of the MS degree, it is legal to stay on OPT and work. recently the US govt has increased the OPT period from 12 to 29 months. again its legal. its legal to apply for H1B while maintaining a proper F1 status or OPT.

    People who dont like this.... dont either because they dont understand F1 very well, or just plainly speaking jealous or out of their mind.

    i guess we should be happy if someone is making progress legally even if we are not in the same boat.:)

    Let us say that i agree to what ever you say. In what way does everything you stated above make a STEM graduate eligible for GC without an Employer sponsership. Why does it have to be only STEM graduates which will not need employer sponsership. If giving GC based on completion of MS in us is bypassing the employee sponserhsip then that has to be extended to all EB categories of immigrants (EB1/EB2/EB3) and the benefit o those visas have to be passed to the badly retrogressed category first.

    It si not teh question of liek or unliking or having jealousy. It is the question of law. According to the US law employee sponsership is EB category so any new bill which has to be introduced will have to follow the EB category employee sponsership rule, othwer wise it wil not see the light of the day

    Personally i see no chance of this DV lottery STEM billpassing in any shape or form either now or in the future


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  • gk_2000
    06-09 11:05 PM
    There is no doubt participation by all is very important. I have also emailed my regional politicians thru IV website and encourage everyone to do the same

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  • akhilmahajan
    02-07 09:27 PM
    Ok, i had the same problem.

    Surname: blank
    Given Name: First Last.

    But in all US documents had it correctly distinguished. Recently when i renewed my passport i got it fixed at NY. You DO NOT NEED a news paper ad for this kind of change. I went to NY Indian consulate personally to ask this question as no one was lifting the phone. The person over there gave me a special form to fill it out and get it notarized. I did all of that and they printed the name correctly. Another guy had same problem, he did not even filled out that form, but they corrected his name as well. I was surprised how lenient these guys are.

    Me and the other guy were joking on the way back in train because they did it for him without the special application, its like they don't care what name you have, " do you want Tom Cruise, i will write Tom Cruise - no problem at all, or even better, we will give you passports with empty name column, you fill it up with whatever you want :) "

    Don't worry guys, this change is easy and this does not impact 485 as well, as long as you have always reported your correct name in your other USCIS documents. THEY KNOW that internationals have their names goofed up in their passports. Its not new for them.

    Hope this helps.

    The form which needs to be filled and notarized is it on the website?
    I will be driving from boston to NY, so have no idea about NY.
    If you can let me know that will be great, as i am planning to go on the 18th of FEb, i.e next monday.

    Thanks a lot.


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  • needhelp!
    09-16 10:27 AM
    sweet_jungle, can you please update your first post of this thread with directions on what we need to do and within what timeframe?

    All people affected by USCIS blocking approvals for current people, lets get organized.
    This time USCIS is hiding by not making official announcements.
    We need to act as we did last July.
    Lets send letters to congressman like zoe lofgren.
    NSC is issuing frivolous RFEs as delaying tactics.
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

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  • claudia255
    11-03 08:32 PM
    Hi, I have a question regarding the exempt cap for non profit H-1. I will graduate with a masters in education in 2008 and already have job offers to work in public schools.

    My question was -
    - does public school employment qualify under the non profit H-1B exempt category?
    - Should I apply under the Masters quota?

    Please reply as I have been searching for answers for a few weeks....

    Thank you.
    H-1B for secondary public schools does not qualify for the non profit H-1B exempt category. But since you have a Masters from the US you will fall under the 20,000 visas slot. Your employer will not have to pay for the H1B training fee of $1,500 at the time of filing. Good Luck!

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  • abhijitp
    11-21 02:59 PM
    You can send Pay Pal contributions to any E-mail on earth, including info AT It goes to the E-mail id as eCheck.

    Only requirement is that the recepient (human) of the E-mail should collect the amount from PayPal. Not sure how this happens, I haven't received any money from PayPal ( or other means for that matter :D)

    The E-mail id I gave earlier is IV merchant E-mail id @ PayPal. It would've made the transfer automated.

    Since there seems to be some apprehensions about revealing it (isn't it just an E-mail id?!), I have blanked out my old post.

    My only point was... there is a reason they encourage $100 minimum for a one time contribution. They could have simply published the email id and opened the doors to $5/ $10 contributors... i.e. the folks who say they would happily contribute this small amount if they had that option.

    BTW I think you can send money over paypal only to email ids registered with paypal. info@iv is not, i believe.

    07-05 08:09 PM
    Guys, any reason why we have a whopping 70% of the members not interested in contributing to this idea??
    There is nothing illegal or offensive in a humble protest, so why the lack of interest?? Are you worried that you'll be pulled up for a humble protest?
    It's not even that expensive to send a bunch of flowers. We have to come together and do something here to implore the USCIS to reform the immigration process. Just lurking around , and not doing anything about this is not going to bring about any reforms to this dysfunctional system.

    I would love to know the rationale behind your lack of interest. Appreciate if you can speak up as to why you wouldn't want to join in. Atleast let us know if you have a better idea. Doing nothing and playing the wait-and-see game is probably the worst option.

    11-12 06:16 PM
    Hi all:

    Thanks for all your advice and understanding. I could not post earlier as we were busy following up the case with the authorities. I have two lawyers on board and a wonderful, unexpected, child abuse NGO person helping us deal with the situation. Most importantly, the baby is in perfect condition after having everything scanned and reviewed with two pediatricians�.it is possible, as one person helping us mentioned that the rough handling may appear exaggerated on the video bcos low resolution cameras sometimes exaggerate slower movements into sudden and forceful movements (I don�t fully understand)- which is also ok w/ me as my child having been safe is more imp to the minimum she will be deported and barred from entry, or likely fully convicted and behind bars...from what I have heard till now, we will likely not be penalized as there are some protection and immunities in these cases for those who testify (and most certainly INS will never be involved)�and at most there may be some fines�
    ....and to some others who have misread a few things I mentioned: a/ the baby did not remain with the nanny for even a second after we suspected something fishy b/ we were not saving money with this nanny: 350$ (plus food, commute, and phone cards is above average here even for a legal worker. Also we selected her after observing her (and earlier another nanny) at home for 2 weeks with the baby while my mom-in-law was there and all of us had felt for some reason that she was the better one��..and to everybody with kids: no matter how much you trust your nanny, however well referenced they are- use a nannycam�.you may amazed at what you see�.there is something about having the whole house to yourself with an infant that makes some people crazy- so that their suppressed anger/envy and whatever else is hidden comes out on a poor speechless baby.

    Happy ending. The End.