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  • sshekar
    07-06 11:46 AM


    Name: Emilio Gonzalez
    Company: US Citizen and Immigration Services
    Address: Director of USCIS
    20 Massachusetts Ave NW
    Washington , DC 20529
    Card Message: Dear Mr. Sanchez
    Thanks for giving us hope for few hours
    on July 1st and taking it away(I-485
    Reversal). All the best for future
    Employment Based Visa predictions.
    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

    wallpaper In 2009, the BMW Z4 won the Bmw Z4 Roadster Hardtop. 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster
  • 2009 BMW Z4 Roadster

  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 06:23 PM
    You know it might just mean that that the annual quota for I/C is over but the overflow is not a part of any quota. So EB 2 I/C should still see approvals...IMHO dont worry about the memo.

    As per one of the patrons on another thread an IO showed him a memo recieved by USCIS suggesting that all Visa numbers for EB2 India/China were exhausted

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  • dtekkedil
    07-05 03:42 PM
    Added plan of action, the address and msg already there...let me know if you want me to add any.


    Thanks Chandra!

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  • vandanaverdia
    09-08 02:54 PM
    Its a pity that we are engaging in such talk & encouraging him. We should not entertain this guy here. Just ignore him & let his thread not come up. And as for results, we will see our strength on Sept 18th.

    We all know our strengths & talents & skills. We don't need to give any clarifications to him.

    Let channelize our energy in a positive way & get more people to attend the rally.
    Its an earnest request to fellow IV members, PLEASE IGNORE THIS GUY!!! And if the moderators wish to, lets delete this thread!!!


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  • axp817
    03-09 11:27 AM
    everything in Pappu's message sounds good to me.

    Should we go ahead and contribute what we pledged (those of us that haven't already paid) using the tool at the top of the screen?


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  • transpass
    08-22 02:25 PM

    The sep 08 CP interview schedule is out for Mumbai, Chennai consulates...Any thoughts?
    E1- 0
    E2 - 0
    E3 - 0


    E1 -2
    E2 - 3
    E3 - 0


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  • sanju_dba
    06-09 01:03 PM
    Hi Guys

    I want to bring up one point very clearly. Guys there is no one in Washington DC offices talking about the difficulties we are facing other than IV organization members . We need to lobby the lawmakers
    3. Donate what ever we can ( 10 , 20 , 30$ etc..) to our cause in IV .

    Thanks Redds777!

    For this event we did fund raising and that helped the cause. for the Lobby efforts is there any number that IV want to publish and members will get inspired again!

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  • The BMW Z4 Roadster.

  • aquarianf
    06-18 09:55 AM
    I have a problem where my "Given Name" is entered as "<first name> <last name>" in my passport (India). The "Surname" is left blank. I have been in the US for 7 years now and it has never been a problem so far. I usually enter the "<last name>" in the last name column on all documents. I wonder if this will cause problems during the I485 name check stage. Any one here who can throw some light on this issue?

    I realize that the question is a little weird, I appreciate any response.


    I had the same issue and I got it changed from Indian consulate NY. The whole process took around a week. You need to advertise in local newspapers which is not a big deal. Around Rs 200 in indian newpaper and $70 in US newspaper (Classified section).


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  • kate123
    02-25 03:16 PM
    I completely dis agree with you. This action item is completely different. As realiseit mentioned earlier, we should take one step at a time. we have another thread revlvoing around the IV for prefiling of AOS. Please see

    If you have any innovative ideas please come forward and once we gain enough momentum then we can request entire communtiy (including who have applied for AOS) to help us with the effort.

    Do not take my comment personally.

    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

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  • mallu
    02-07 03:14 PM
    In south India ( Keralites will better understand ), some parts the name format is like,


    Thomas is the actual name
    K is first letter of father's name.
    M is the family name.

    I didn't know of this first name and last name business until i applied for US Visa ( may be while filling passport application they have some examples shown ). In my old passport the name field is (eg. following is not my name ),

    Name : Minarathil Kuriakose Thomas

    When i filled the I-94 in year 2000 while landing at SFO,
    I filled the first name as 'Minarathil' , since it is the first name part appearing in the passport.
    Last name was filled as Thomas, since it appears 'last' !

    Essentially all my documents has 'Minarathil' as my first name and people call me that name. It is consistent. I don't care many people don't call me 'Thomas'. Some guys with respect call me last name. Hurray i got back my actual name in that instance.


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  • nozerd
    12-18 07:56 PM
    Just made my additional contribution.
    Best of luck to us all

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  • leoindiano
    08-21 05:06 PM
    This is just my guess:

    It doesnt mean we dont see approvals.

    They may have counted all the cases assigned to IO's? or to be assigned cases too? You may still see approvals, it is just that, if your case is not picked up by an IO, you will have to wait till october 1st.

    My case is not assigned to IO as of august 8th.


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  • thomachan72
    12-04 04:16 PM
    No, we want ALL pregnant women every where to come to US to give birth so we can get to pay for there care.

    Dearest Sugaur, you raised a very valid point. Dont be disheartened by the bashing you are recieving. I can asure you that there are atleast a "few people like you" out there. Otherwise the world would be heaven, right? If only the rest of us were careful to allow such people to freely express their opinions. As somebody said "when you squeeze something, what comes out was what was inside". Squeezing orange will not produce apple juice. Just read your response and you will realize what is inside you.

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  • seekerofpeace
    08-21 03:53 PM
    I understand JSB.

    But question is how long is comes down to sheer luck and chance which pre-adjudicated cases USCIS considered recheck and which they don't.

    Also they may simply deny looking into my case even if preadjudicated by the ND of I-485 receipt being outside the window.

    But again why are we trying to reason.

    In the "Ask a lawyer" Ms Reddy mentioned USCIS is sending RFEs to all cases for possible preadjudication....and since she does not mention that multiple RFEs are impossible, I assume any preadjudicated case can get an RFE so the very term preadjudication is meaning less if it needs adjudication again.

    And since you are putting time frame...and window of opportunity is far and few in between so essentially preadjudication is not a confirmed ticket to Greenhood.

    My 2 cents.



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  • amitps
    09-08 12:07 AM
    Jobs in America is for Americans. If at all it gets outsourced to your country then it is yours. But as long as that job is in my country, I will defend it and not let some Strive or Skill act take it away from me.

    Could do our jobs why would the employers be willing to sponsor our GREEN CARDS and spend '000s of dollars to keep us :confused:


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  • lskreddy
    12-19 09:55 AM
    mine. Thanks for your efforts...


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  • Immi_Chant
    02-27 03:26 PM
    Wednesday is 03/04/09. Let me know if you meant tuesday or wednesday.


    Hi friends,
    No doubt this is a great idea and also as newbie2020 suggests no point of wasting time and loosing the current tempo and massive support of IV members on this regard.
    Would like to request all, is it possible to change the bridge schedule a bit to 9.00 or 9.30 PM EST so that it would be easier to participate for people who are in Pacific Time Zone? If most people have difficulty in doing that, lets move forward with the current schedule.

    Please update.....


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  • rkumar18
    07-17 07:53 PM
    Rep. Lofgren Applauds Resolution of Visa Bulletin Debacle

    Washington, D.C. � Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) issued the following statement in response to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff�s planned announcement on adjustment of status applications.

    "The Secretary of Homeland Security in a phone call today informed me that a solution to the Visa Bulletin fiasco has been found. The Department of State will issue an August Visa Bulletin that permits the filing of adjustment of status applications through August 17, 2007, at the current fee level, which will be accepted through that date by the Department of Homeland Security. I�m pleased that a reasonable solution has been reached. I will continue to monitor the situation to ensure that both the Departments of State and Homeland Security follow through properly with this plan."

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  • longq
    02-04 06:28 PM
    I'll take that as the final word on this issue.

    And I expect people here to have enough integrity to let us (ROW) know if they intend to pursue the interests of the oversubscribed countries only, at the expense of the interests of the ROW.

    No one here takes advantage of any group. We are talking here is what law says and how it is implemented by various agencies. The problem is there is doubt that DOS has not understood the law. No one is against ROW and loves India and China. US immigration simply based on preference catagories. For example, wife of U.S citzen will be given first preference in immigration (FB1) compare to brothers and sisters of US permanent residents (FB4or5). This is the law.

    Similar thing in employment catagories too. Before 2000, there is a verical spill over of EB visas. Becase of this, a high skilled workers from India/China has to wait more compare to low skilled workers from ROW. This practice will not put US in technological edge. Thats why AC21 law implemented.

    After 2000, congress removed country quota in all EB catagoires. The simple reason is to make US competiveness in 21st century. The intend is simple.

    The simple meaning of AC21 law is, for example, let us assume following hypothitical situation. There are 40,000 noble prize winners from Mexico. All of them applying EB1 visas in a FY. In same FY, no one from other countries applied EB1 visa. As per AC21 rule, entire 40,000 visas (100%) goes to Mexico in EB1 irrsepective of how EB2 or EB3 or FE catagories are retrogressed or howmany mexians in EB/FB are waiting. This is what congress intend to promote high skilled immigrants to USA. This is what american competivness in 21 century. The intent here is noble prize winners should not wait even if they are from oversubscribed countries like mexico.

    If you read word by word of AC21 rule will understand what I am saying.

    INA 202 (a) (5) (A)
    EMPLOYMENT-BASED IMMIGRANTS NOT SUBJECT TO PER COUNTRY LIMITATION IF ADDITIONAL VISAS AVAILABLE- If the total number of visas available under paragraph (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of section 203(b) for a calendar quarter exceeds the number of qualified immigrants who may otherwise be issued such visas, the visas made available under that paragraph shall be issued without regard to the numerical limitation under paragraph (2) of this subsection during the remainder of the calendar quarter

    My intension is simple.

    Even if SKIL/CIR bill passed in near future, if DOS or USCIS does not implement the law accordingly, it will be disaster for oversubscribed countries like India and China.

    06-28 11:03 AM
    Hey ppl - Question for anyone who applied for a passport recently in NY embassy. The website states that they need 35mm * 35mm photographs. Are they strict about it or you can use the standard PP size photograph here in the US 50mm * 50 mm?

    Appreciate any responses! Thanks

    08-13 02:26 AM
    Guys I am strained with being my employer and making own food!

    Please send all your excess farm Produce to me :D