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  • sidm1810
    04-18 02:39 AM
    hello experts..

    My husband and I are working on H1B visa.My husband has filed for Green card..

    Now my question is at what stage in my husdband's Green card process, will I be eligible for the visa extension
    if 6 years on H1B are over??

    If I also file for the green card, I get labor cleared and just in case I lose the job.Then what options I have
    for visa extension?If I join another company do I have to have again labor cleared to get additional visa extension
    at the completion of 6 year?what happens to priority date,can I use earlier GC filing priority date?

    Many thanks..

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    12-11 11:22 PM
    Thanks Nashorn.
    My Biometrics are done couple of months ago and I saw LUD's at that time,I am not sure if my name check is do I find out if my name check is cleared ??

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  • hope4gc
    04-07 11:07 PM
    Thank you Desi3933
    I feel better that i know the facts and Plan accordingly.

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  • prav27
    01-20 01:01 AM
    In DS-156 form there is an item 36 which says "Has anyone ever filed an immigration visa petition on your behalf",
    What should be entered for H4 visa holder whose 485 has been filed.
    And if we have to say "Yes" to this question , then whose name should be mentioned in "If Yes ,Who?", should it be the spouse name or the spouse company name ?



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  • gc_maine2
    07-12 09:50 AM
    I don't think you can delete just close it.. so that no one will post it again in this thread., you can see the close button if you are the owner of this thread.

    How to delete the thread??

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  • prav27
    01-20 09:45 PM
    I asked my company attoreny about this.. he said that immigration petition is I-140 and as I-140 is not filed for your wife (I-485 is already filed for my wife) so I should say No there for my wife's form.

    You are right , I just got the same information from my employer and the attorney that I-140 is the visa petition and not the I-485.So for H4 dependents the answer should be "NO"


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  • golgappa
    11-17 02:38 PM
    Do you have FedEx (or any other service) mailing delivery receipt and what is the date on that.

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  • cbpds
    08-07 03:31 AM
    Nothing to worry, you have made no mistake, thats the way it appears

    all the best

    Hello Friends,
    I have today booked my visa interview appointment at Mumbai consulate.My hometown is Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and on the visa appointment letter the "State of Residence" says "Maharashtra". I am confused whether I made any mistake or the "state of Residence" says maharashtra based on consulate's state?

    Please help me getting answer to this puzzle.


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  • VivekAhuja
    06-16 07:15 PM
    Possible if Master's is in same field.

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  • plakshmi
    08-30 10:07 AM
    My date will be current from September 1st. Is it okay to travel to India on a short trip while the date is current? If 485 gets approved while I am india, can I still come back on advance parole?


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  • Krilnon
    12-02 01:39 PM
    But it must be� Seb Hughes ( goes there!

    Anyway, I'll let you get back to your Flashing/Silverlighting. :sure:

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  • greencard_fever
    08-08 01:01 PM
    It is outrageous that NSC is not churning out any post April 2004 approvals for EB2-I. Is any one is taking any actions?
    What can be done?

    How do you know that NSC is not processing the post April 2004 EB-2 cases? any source like infopass or calling the customer service?


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  • makemygc
    06-19 12:37 PM
    Title of your thread scared the hell outta me. I thought this month's VISA bulletin was a "mistake" and they put the dates back to 2003... :( what a nightmare....

    I thought exactly the people.:D

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  • smccrea
    03-01 03:04 PM
    Is an employee who resigns entitled to relocation expenses like the employee who is laid off?


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  • seeking_GC
    07-02 09:52 AM
    but fedex wont deliver to a PO Box right?where shd we send it in that case?

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  • abhi_jais
    01-09 02:31 PM
    Dear All,

    I saw your website & thought may be you guys can help me solving my query about H1 transfer. I am holding a H1B valid till 2009. A month back a new company had filed a H1 transfer & I started working for them. Now I have 2 paystubs from this new company & I am getting a very good offer from another company & I would like to go for this offer. So my question is on the basis of these two recent paystubs can I get my visa transferred to the 3rd company while another visa transfer is in progress?


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  • wheyprotein
    05-25 10:06 AM

    I have an urgent need. My wife is a green card holder and we just finished visiting my family here in the US before we travel overseas tomorrow to visit my wife's family. The problem is my wife left her purse (along with her green card) at my family's house but my family is now out of town themselves for a few weeks and we can't get into the house to get her purse and green card. Luckily she left her passport at our hotel so we still have that.

    My question is---can we still leave the US tomorrow without my wife's green card? Does she need to show her green card to leave US? Her country of origin passport is still valid but her immigrant visa is expired.

    I can ask my family to fedex us the green card overseas once they return so we can reeneter the US when our trip is finished.


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  • crazyghoda
    06-24 04:33 PM
    Shaheed crazyghoda. Not sure I like the sound of that.

    This service will provide fast track program to reach heaven (or hell dependent if you have GC or not) as well. Anyone interested? :D

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  • pappu
    09-11 11:54 PM

    (San Jose rally pictures and videos, and Aman's messages from Milpitas, CA meeting can be found at (

    cheers, and see ya'll in DC!

    Thanks for the pictures and your blog.

    02-10 10:54 AM
    some retaliations (for wistleblowers) based on race, ethnicity etc. are illegal. however if it was just because they didn't agree with your behavior or business related thoughts then they are perfectly okay firing you.
    saying that usually the onus is on the company to prove that it was not because of any of the protected category (race, ethnicity etc.)

    I am not a lawyer. do not take this as a legal advice.

    07-31 12:29 PM
    I don't see the gain. Although a fresh L petition has better chance of approval, you still have to get a visa approved, which may get rejected.

    Given your wife's situation of EAD, you are better off applying for an extension here. They will not reject an application as long it meets all the requirements.

    Thanks ! I dont know if the reasons for rejection are entirely based on merits of the petition but from experience of my coworkers around here, the employer advises a fresh petition. If I wish to go for a fresh petition how soon can I travel before my VISA expiry date ? Is there any deadline stipulated ? My VISA expires on 11/18/2008. Can I travel in Sept and submit a fresh petition for approval ?