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  • sw33t
    07-17 07:32 PM
    One small step for IV, one giant leap for IV members.

    We still have a long way to go.

    If you drink, go out and have one for IV (not many for IV members ;) )
    If you don't, assume you did and contribute your bar tab to IV.

    I have been pained by many comments on the "Bulletin Update" threads earlier about IV misleading its members on the timing of the bulletin etc. How many of you go around telling that you have $100,000 in your bank account?

    All those folks who doubted IV and claimed IV mislead them on the timing, should apologize to the CORE team publicly.


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  • a1b2c3
    12-04 10:05 PM
    This is happening due to bad US immigration policies which of course largely reflects the conflict between american working class/employees and the business owners/employers.

    Neither do the senators pass tough bills which can block out illegal immigrants not do they give the existing ones amnesty.

    The illegals are stuck in some sort of limbo and it creates some human rights violations such as this one.

    With legals, they issue green cards but not in sufficient numbers to satisfy the overall demand because of a popular american notion that jobs are going away to foreign workers.
    I think if these lawmakers had done a good job of anticipating demand properly and regulating immigration, it would have been less chaotic.

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  • paskal
    12-20 12:33 PM contribution is humble.
    Thank you for adding your might to the cause.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-12 06:07 PM
    People have given me reds for asking the dad to go to the cops and reminding this dad his duties.
    I think these people who have given me reds only know how to produce many babies but do not know that it comes with a responsibility. Shame on you and to all those who live a life of fear and teach the same on this forum.

    Tell me something, if you have an illegal gardener/cleaning guy/moving helper/carpenter/plumber/handyman/male babysitter etc in your house and you have employed him for his servicesand he rapes your wife. Will you not go to the cops? Or will you sit tight at home and just post on the forum saying that you are an H1B and you fear that your H1 and greencard application will be revoked. If you still feel that not going to the cops is a better option, then I do not think your wife deserves a Man like you and certainly not a impotent person like you.

    I find posts on this thread very repulsive and cannot hold back these strong words.

    Your language is too rude.


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  • houston2005
    04-25 09:31 AM

    We might have a reporter who wants to write an article but is looking for an EB2 from the state of Texas. Currently we do not have anyone that fits the criteria. We would lose this chance which anyways are not easy to come by.


    I am from Texas with NIW- EB2, non IT. If needed you can contact me or send me a PM.

    I will try to write my story and send it to you.

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  • pappu
    09-18 12:47 AM
    Pappu, you make more sense. Let me know how i can help you. ( no accusing bud ). Its your fellow admin who is turning into a comedian.

    Please contact your state chapter to help. If you chapter is inactive, please help lead it. Get more people involved. This will be the best help you can offer. If you want to help with customer service email me at info at your details.

    And please stop calling admin a comedian. We take this effort very very seriously. This is not a joke. You can afford to write whatever you want anonymously. But we do not. We are replying to your post in detail past midnight and taking care of other IV work at this time knowing fully well that I have to get up very early tomorrow for a busy day.

    Sometimes when I see such posts accusing IV for all kinds of reasons, I sometimes think why we are doing this work?

    Good night.


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  • paskal
    12-19 04:54 PM
    84 contributions posted
    many challenges still open, although the challenge to newbie's was taken up and met. can't slow down...we have miles to go.
    c'mon people, don't let anurakt sleep so easy...:)

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  • sanju
    02-26 08:59 PM
    Realizeit: So all of you who support this, please think in terms of how you can convert your verbal support into action in some way, in the coming days
    Best of luck! :)

    You must be kidding. This is a "community of cowards and whiners", the "educated illiterates" who consider themselves elites but who are actually "losers". They will not do anything other than express "support" and ask someone else to work on their "brilliant expression of support". You will not hear from anyone. That's where it ends.




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  • Goodintentions
    04-13 06:06 PM
    Can we propose a bill which would give us - the honest, sincere, law abiding aliens - a time bound path to Green Card and Citizenship?

    Political parties only talk and seem to be interested in giving illegals a time bound path to citizenship? They even introduced a "Dream Act" in favour their children. Why should we / our children be sidelined?

    Can we request for a bill which would:

    1.Grant GC to all EB 2 / 3 class pimary applicants who have completed 8 years of continuous stay in the USA without any criminal record.

    2. Provide Citizeship to all EB primary applicants who have completed 12 years of continuous stay without any criminal record


    When the primary applicant is issued a GC / Citizenship, the dependents (spouse and kids) should get the same benefit.

    The current system is designed to favour ONLY the employers and the law firms, not the humble, hard working EB class slave who toils.

    I never expected that you will be kind enough to reproduce my text verbatim from my posting in the "Predictions Part II" thread"

    Here is what I want to add:

    1. Time bound path simplifies several redundant and "non-value add' activities

    2. The alien immigrant starts investing within the USA, plans to buy a home etc as he is sure that he will become a respectable citizen in 12 years

    3. This system is followed in several EU countries and UK and even Australia and Singapore. This is not ssomething new. It is a time tested program

    4. It also helps the immigrant to decide his plan of action. For example, if he feels he cannot wait for 8 years, he has the option to plan his exit out of the USA (and go to his home country or whatever)

    5. The employers / lawyers cannot perpetually arm twist, harass and exploit the immigrant by blackmailing him with the threat of withdrawing the I 140, for example

    6. This guarantees individual liberty which is supposed to be "pillar stone" of the US Constitution

    From our side -

    1. It will forge unity (no more EB2 / EB3 fights)

    2. Encourage active participation by all EB friends

    So far -

    1. In terms of policy / rule the only fix that has happened in all these years seems to be AC21 (However, even with EAD it appears that shifting jobs is not easy! This has been discussed at length in the AC 21 thread)

    2. We have otherwise been able to achieve very minor admin fixes after years of toil

    3. Under the existing framework we will continue to be grouped with the illegals who will never allow us to come of this mess. They may be illegal, but have the lobby power, money powe, muscle power and vote power.

    4. CIR will never see the light of the day, because of political compulsions.

    5. Day in and day out we are trying for Visa recapture, but we have not succeeded because of the unfortunate inherent EB2 / EB3 split within our ranks (and others enjoy the fun and benefit from it)

    I feel that this approach will filter the legals from the illegals and a I hope that several right thinking law makers would support us.

    Worth the try, friends!

    Thanks everyone!!!

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  • abhijitp
    11-21 02:40 PM
    So, how did you do it BharatPremi? You just paypal to

    That is not the right email id. Not sure if we can/should publish it anyways?


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  • jsb
    08-13 10:47 AM
    What Details? I have mentioned in one of my posts here that my PERM has not yet been filed....No details regarding my green card processing.....Please read my posts to get more details on this.

    Your public profile says that you are at I-485 stage. You might want to correct it.

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  • amitjoey
    06-16 11:56 AM
    A Great Big Thank You to all of you who have been Contributing to enable IV to organize an event of this proportion.

    Thank You IV for providing us with this platform to get our voices heard where it matters the most. Go IV!

    The phenomenal experience of actually doing something positive to solve our problems is - but I am just acknowledging the great enthusiasm that was vibrating with our members - they realized the gravity of the situation, the opportunity that was within their grasp and wanted to make the best use of it. Hats off to you guys!!

    IV realizes that our strength lies within our members and their dedication - both in terms of participation and funding. And if there is one thing that almost every single participant took home from the event is that - we still have a long way to go and we need far more support and participation. .

    Thank You needhelp!, Devang, StarSun for summarizing the DC Experience. Each one of us that went to DC came back with a more positive outlook, the satisfaction of doing something good. I will write in detail my personal experience, but in a nutshell- The camaraderie, the enthusiasm and the tireless effort that some members put in is just commendable.


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  • nocomment
    08-13 01:37 PM

    Your PD is not current this month, how come they approved it?

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  • vin13
    02-25 12:58 PM
    Is IV only for those who have filed I485?

    I gave my opinion and people gave me lot of reds. There is a majority here who already have EAD and have filed I485. You people do not care for those who are less fortunate and struggling in the early stages of the process. If July 07 had not happened, all of you would be asking for I485 filing option today.

    By giving reds to people who disagree you will drive people away and make IV only for those who have filed I485 and not for the entire EB immigration people.

    Get real. I am not saying this because i have a EAD. Are you saying that no improvement is good enough unless it helps you at this moment.

    This change proposal will also help you when you get to this stage. Try to understand, this may be possible without much legislative intervention.


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  • bsbawa10
    09-11 08:42 PM
    And Suddenly when something hot happens you will see activity hot up again here because that is what drives people to come here
    This is frustrating

    It is I think that is why USCIS can get away with whatever it thinks or wants.

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  • santb1975
    12-01 10:22 AM


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  • kams
    06-19 09:02 PM
    I am in the same boat as u r............... i have emailed my companies immigration dept and waiting to hear from them............. if u hear something from them, can u please share it here with us............... will really appreciate that.............

    I emailed my lawyer too, A**hole is just repeating that he needs Her Legal name in USA. All her Tax filings, Licence, Social security etc have <First Name>, <Last Name> format. Passport doesn't have surname and Visa has First name - FNU and Surname - Firstname last name. Don't know what to do.

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  • grupak
    09-18 11:49 AM
    Yeah man. So much for joining this site. This is all we get. Unfortunately, lot of other people are thinking the same. Want you to clear our names asap.

    Are you guys anonymous? Why is the admin asking for your phone number? Didn't you fill in your actual name, phone number to reach you in case IV needs your help.

    You have to be willing to help if you want to lead.

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  • kumarc123
    07-10 01:43 PM
    I tend to agree.... nowhere in the past discussions IV seem to have cared about EB3s. It is more frustrating to see this situation sincce Eb3's have been suffering for longer with no hopes what so ever.
    And anyone trying to implicate that EB3s are less skilled are plain wrong - we got in EB3 limbo due to large corporations doing things by book (or for plain long term commitment out of workers).

    Either way, IV leadership needs to re-iterate and re-emphasize at least once that this is not EB2 fight only but EB fight in general. IV discussions simply have gone EB2 biased only for too long.

    To answer your query,
    Let me start by repeating myself, it is not about EB2 or EB3. We all are EB communities. We didn't design the system, neither we believe ourselves to be superior to EB3. The point is all of us need to work together and help ourselves to change the system. IF EB2 gets some advantage then ultimately it will help EB3 as well.

    It is a simple logic, when the cake gets cut it rolls down to all the people in line. If there is no cake, whats the point of arguing who is ahead in line?

    Please everyone, stop complaining about who is ahead, work together. Instead of complaining do some more constructive, involve more people. lets gather necessary means to file this lawsuit.


    09-14 05:19 PM
    There is a lot of work done in the background and by the state chapters that you may not be aware of. for example when i was a member of a state chapter a volunteer printed 5000 pamplets and we spent a weekend distributing them. One volunteer was actively involved in collecting and mailing out letters for the letter writing campaingn. there are some who visit every temple and talk about IV. These people dont post on the forums or beg for red, blue or green dots, they do the best they can. On the other hand many come to the forums with a 'grand plan' and hope someone else will doe the rest. Most are so self absorbed that they would rather spend time debating how their application is superior and how they should get GCs first. The same people end up volunteering each time while the rest demand answers and ask why bills are not passed. I can also give specific examples of people who posted that they participated in a campaign simply to get green dots. The final straw for me was the EB2 Vs EB3. Each person has his/her threshold, and i am positive that the core will feel the same way some day.

    I am sorry to say this Pappu, but honestly I do feel one thing. There are some things that IV can do without spending money(which I think are not being done). For example, it can lead everybody everybody to send letters to USCIS and congressmen and the press for justice highlighting abrupt actions of USCIS. I made so many pamphlets in the thread "Lets get Organized" which can be sent alongwith to make an impact. It is not about eb2 or eb3, it is about accountability and transparency from USCIS. It does not involve any money from anybody excepting a 41 cents stamp on the letter which I think most of people should be ready to spend. However, the push from IV seems to be missing.

    11-18 06:18 PM
    Can we not bring up Barbara Bush please? I realize you guys are from Texas but Barbara?Puhlease! If you Texans need further quotes, we can lend you Walking_Dude from Michigan - he can dig up awesome ones.