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  • reddyram
    08-03 03:45 AM
    Today I received 'Card Production' ordered emails for both my spouse and me...
    what was ur processing center

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  • masterji
    08-03 12:15 PM
    Mine was at NSC and was approved this morning.
    Anyone getting approved through NSC this month? Looks like the file pusher (peon) is on vacation, so the babus are out having chai!

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  • eb3retro
    07-13 04:39 PM
    eb3-row is staggering at june 2004. It will be a long time before we can see any spillovers from that to eb3-I..and this is not the case in EB2-ROW. Its current as of today.

    Dont you want to include the EB3 unused visa from worldwide? just the way EB2 got this time!

    This is highlited in Aug VB thread too

    following is pasted from VB link (http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_5092.html)

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  • gc_on_demand
    05-05 07:01 AM
    And ALAS ! MC got it. Congrats dude ! Hope you will still remain on the forum to help others

    I don't get it.. I do congratulate him for getting GC but how come he become hero after getting GC ? He said he is with IV even longer than Pappu but didn't mention what he did for IV ?


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  • jamesingham
    05-16 11:50 AM
    Do you need to be married at the time of applying I-140 to get GC in the same application ?

    My question is when is the latest that one can get married so as to get his/her spouse a GC on the same application.

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  • hebbar77
    04-08 08:36 PM
    Waiting is all we have been doing for so many years. I have been living separately from my wife for last 3 years. When I reached out to Pappu on IV, he refused to do anything for me. I am ready to come forward and talk to media but nobody is here to listen.

    I am seriously considering some media awakening event these days, it might be suicide or whatever it takes but this DOS stupidity has to stop. Its affecting so many people's life. I agree GC is not a right that we can demand from US government but they can't treat us like this after investing so many productive years for this Economy.

    I am also thinking of organizing an event around where I live which would me media spotlight. Legal immigrants like us esepcially EB folks need to be in news by doing something special(organizing a food drive for homeless, offering thrash cleaning in some place around .. etc,summary is volunteer in groups)
    BTW no one thinks we are investing time here. We are paid for what we do, the matter ends there.


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  • gsc999
    04-09 01:17 AM
    Nola, I haven't received that doc. can you resend. santhi, thanks for your message.


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  • Lasantha
    04-07 10:25 AM
    This is not a bad idea. But having to wait 5 years for your citizenshipis is only a minor inconvenience compared to all the other more pressing problems we have right now with the retrogression. So I think we should be more concerned with issues like visa recapture, getting USCIS to be more efficient so the visas will not go to waste each year etc. If we can get all these things acheived then your suggestion would be a nice icing on the cake.

    I was wondering if any one in the core or other members think about the next step towards getting citizenship after passing the hurdles of getting the green card. If a person is here for 10 years and then get his green card (average period), then he need to wait for another 5 years to get the citizenship. 15 years for this process in a person's life is too much.
    IV Core can push or lobby for a law which can make the person a US citizen, if he is living in US for 10 years legally without any issues and paying taxes for the entire period. It is just my idea.


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  • gc28262
    03-19 04:01 PM

    I have been trying to enquire about the status of my passport application. I tried all different tel numbers listed on the website. Nobody picks up !

    Did anyone call CGI-Houston recently ?
    If so please provide the number. Thanks !


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  • isantem
    04-18 09:48 AM
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread (http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/forum14-members-forum/1599353-want-to-file-485-when-pd-is-not-current-gather-here.html)) and momentum to continue with this campaign.
    The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.


    I would think that is no more need for waiting the survey results to see how important is this item for immigration community and/or IV!
    If we look just on advocacy day contributions and see that the biggest part of the contribution came from people how did not have the chance to file in July 2007, from my point of view that say everything.


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  • rego
    03-22 01:11 PM
    I do want every one to have easy access to GC. Here what you are asking does not serve any one. It only increase the backlog. If we could make them utilize unutilized visas, remove country cap, set a fixed time frame, for most part I-485 would be current allowing any one with approved I-140 to file for I-485. You might say that atleast they could get EAD and AP. But look at those who already have I-485 filed. We are all crying the our applications are there for long time. So, do you still think to have AOS even PD is not current??

    You were one of the people who made it through the July 2007 fiasco. But, please understand that there are several people like me in the queue for more than 5 years but still missed the July 2007 fiasco. Getting EAD and AP is a great step forward for us and will level the playing field.

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  • pappu
    12-16 05:00 PM
    Great work everyone. We now have 7,599 members. 2001 more members needed by Dec 31. If everyone can get at least one member in IV we can easily cross this target.

    It is also a reminder to everyone to contribute. In the past 2 days there have been no contributions. In this whole month, less than 15 people have contributed. only 2 people contributed $200 and some $100 and everyone else less than $100. With this you can imagine how much contributions we get. This holiday season, all make sure to contribute some amount to IV. This money will work for you.


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  • kaverig
    01-31 02:17 PM

    I am applying for H1 visa from India this April. I am coming to USA on H4 visa in June.

    How do I transfer from H4 to H1 in case If I my H1 gets approved? I heard since I am applying from India, I will not get I94 along with my approved H1 papers.
    So I will be on H4 I94 only.

    Some body please help
    Thanks a lot in advance

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  • chintu25
    01-15 03:14 PM
    Do you think Investing in Bank of America now is a good idea? Today it is 7.54 per share..


    Kind of bad news here for BOA


    STOCK DROPPED 14 % APPROX ...Would ve been a great short.

    Still good for Long term


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  • geniousatwork
    03-31 05:10 PM
    Great work, hopefully we can reach out more and more like this to make the senators/congressmen aware of our situations/concerns.

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  • anilsal
    03-30 05:01 PM
    the consulates usually help getting a new passport, visa etc on all days of the week (including weekends). You just have to provide adequate information about what the emergency is.


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  • PlainSpeak
    01-12 06:16 PM
    You are laying your own immaturity out there by rambling on and on about vague facts and statements only to make the same point again and again - that you think IV does not represent EB3. Why dont you state that one line and save us the trouble of reading your meaningless drivel??
    yes, this rant is oft repeated by around 5-6 members who do NOT represent the thousands of EB folks (EB2 AND EB3) who are affected by this mess.
    So before you start one of your long drawn essays again, step back and THINK (which you do not seem to be doing at all..or are not capable of doing) about whether you are contributing even one bit to solving the problem or trying to add to the problem. we can do a lot more if we spend less time trying to drill sense into wayward people like you.
    Think about -
    1) how many lawmakers you have met till date to resolve the EB3 problem (which you accuse IV of not solving). Have you asked a lawmaker while per country limits cannot be removed....an act which will remove all EB3 backlog??
    2) how many IV advocacy events have you attended?
    Yes and you are showing your maturity by talking about what i write as a long essay and garbage. Why are EB2 guys scared to have a dicsussion. Is it because you donot have any talking points and are talking vaguly yourselves

    BTW the reason i write so detailed is because i believe i am respecting you by replying in detail to your points. I was under the impression that we were having a discussion, but sadly i am having a disucssion and you are ranting and raving.

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  • Saralayar
    04-07 12:01 PM

    we are struggling to get greencard, even Multi year EAD/AP is a issue and you guys are talking about citizenship..

    best of luck

    I am also struggling to get my GC. It is my 9th year in H1B visa. My intention is, atleast we can reduce the period for waiting to get the citizenship. It can also be considered as a good benefit for our community. Just my thoughts...

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  • susie
    10-10 11:35 PM
    continued from previous post


    Subsection (3) should be reworded to clarify its application to derivative beneficiaries as follows

    �(3) RETENTION OF PRIORITY DATE- If the age of an alien is determined under paragraph (1) to be 21 years of age or older,

    (A) for the purposes of subsections (a)(4), the alien's petition shall automatically be converted to the appropriate category and the alien shall retain the original priority date issued upon receipt of the original petition, and
    (B) for the purposes of subsections (d), the petition on which the alien was a derivative beneficiary shall automatically be converted to a new petition with the appropriate category once their Parent has permanent resident status and the alien shall retain the original priority date issued upon receipt of the alien parent�s original petition. This is without prejudice to a Parent�s right to object to such converted petition. �

    This new division into (A) and (B) makes a more appropriate distinction between principal beneficiaries and derivative beneficiaries. (B) also clarifies a Parent who does not want to petition their over 21 unmarried son or daughter, is permitted to oppose the automatic conversion of the application.

    In addition, after four and half years since its enactment, the USCIS has still failed to issue implementing rules and a private bill should be introduced requiring the USCIS to perform its statutory duty to provide rules.

    If the new points system is implemented, INA, section 203(h), becomes redundant in relation to future applicants. In this case a new provision should be added permitting all derivative beneficiaries to be considered as a child regardless of when they age out and when the petition becomes current. This would be a temporary relief measure for any derivative beneficiary currently subject to the family-based petitions so they do not age out while the remaining petitions are being cleared.

    Removal of Child Status Protection Act of 2002 (CSPA), section 8

    Section 8 of the CSPA provides provisions preventing the retroactive application of the legislation. As a result many beneficiaries have to wait in excess of 30 years for an immigrant visa. Derivative beneficiaries that were subject to wait times and aged out cannot apply the benefits of the CSPA if their parent�s petition was processed before August 2002. This means they are forced to back of the line; after already having waited up to 20 years, they are forced to wait for another lengthy period up to 20 years in the F2B category.

    Therefore, section 8 has to be repealed to enable retroactive applicability. It cannot be right that if these same people had not abided with US immigration laws and entered illegally, they would be able to get status to remain and work in the USA under the proposed Z visa. However, by abiding by the law, they are instead forced to wait outside the USA for over 30 years in total since the start of the original immigrant visa application because they were ejected out of one line due to aging out as a result of the prolonged wait times, only to be forced to the back of a new immigrant visa line.

    Dream Act

    This is currently incorporated within the STRIVE Act (sections 621 et seq.) and presumably will be brought forward in the upcoming Bill subject to final agreement by the Senators. However, there is ambiguity as to whether children in the USA who enter legally benefit from its provisions. This has to be clarified to ensure it applies not only to children who entered the USA illegally, but also to those who entered legally, such as in derivative status on an E2 visa of their Parent. The ambiguity is made worse because the STRIVE Bill includes the Dream Act in subtitle B of Title VI Legalization of Undocumented Individuals. It is an absurd situation if legal nonimmigrant children are not given at least the same equal treatment as illegal children. The future Bill should incorporate the DREAM Act into a separate Title so does not give the appearance it applies to illegal migrant children only.

    E2 Investors and Rep. Heather Wilson�s Proposed E2 Nonimmigrant Investor Adjustment Act of 2007

    We strongly reiterate our support for this proposed legislation and urge you to do same. However, we urge you to go further by removing the proposed 3,000 cap or, at the very least, increase the proposed 3,000 annual cap to a more reasonable number such as 20,000 and/or provide annual increases to meet market demand to avoid backlogs and to avoid having to revisit the issue in future. Aside from our own members, E2 investors provide billions of dollars of investment in the US economy and much needed employment. They should be provided with a pathway to permanent residency and citizenship for their dedication and commitment to this country. It is undoubtedly very odd that illegal immigrants are receiving a pathway to permanent residency whereas E2 investors are not. It sends a clear message that entering the USA illegally is preferable because it provides a path to citizenship, whereas entering legally and working hard, investing substantial amounts of capital and employing US citizens for the benefit of the US economy does not (unless you are the extremely rare exception that qualifies under the EB5 investment visa).

    04-09 09:42 PM
    I think current mad rush is because of following reasons.

    1) Atlease 35K new H1s filed because of H4-H1 conversions. This is because of retrogression and H4s waited longtime to work and so they are desparate to work. We can eliminate this if we have I-485 filing provision without visa number availability provision of STRIVE act. These people deserve it until there no solutuon to Retrogression.

    2) 70K visas are filed by Offshoring/Outsouring firms firms. This is where the actual problem is. They won't send all of them whom they file. They will unnecessarily waste all these H1s after getting approvals. I know so many visas are wasted by Satyem, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Accenture and all other offershoring/outsourcing firms every year.

    3) 15K-20K by US educated students. These are deserved to file.

    4) 10K - New H1s for real projects needed by clients. These are also deserve to file for H1.

    So, here the problem is Offshoring/Outsourcing firms who are abusing the law by filing and not sending all of them. I can definitely say 85% visas filed by these firms every year are wasted and they won't send all these employees whom they file. They are using this H1 as seat reservation in a bus/train. They only send very few and waste so many visas every year. In all these firms, i know so many employees are having H1 stamped and waiting to come here. But those companies selects very few and send them here. If at all we need any reform in H1B, then it is here by not allowing H1s from these Offshoring/Outsourcing firms. Then everybody will be happy. These firms can use only L1 for their company needs so that H1 won't be abused.

    Also, first point, we can solve by passing the curent version of STRIVE.

    So, we need to oppose this new H1B reform and make to sure that Congress passes STRIVE act provisions.

    Any thoughts from my friends?

    04-06 02:15 PM
    Nice post, i came to the US in 1996 for my masters, followed all rules to the T and got stuck. I am on my 4th AP and EAD (5th if you consider OPT). I think main problem is that we are trying to solve too many issues with limited ammunition. Start with a single point agenda for the short term...lets say recaptuing unused visas or something that is the least controvertial and focus on pushing it at every available opportunity. Currently we see a new proposal everyday and all they do besides encouraging debate (which is good) is motivate bystanders to distort the issue and divide the group.

    Agree with 485Mbe4001. We should focus on recapturing unsed visas. I dont think so we will see CIR this year. Before other groups pushes for Anti h1b or gc laws. we should start somthing on recapturing or removing country cap. OR atleast some admin fixes. I understand CORE is waiting for time to do aggressive campaign but what if dont get CIR this year ? I think We are thinking to play only defensive game here. If some one try to hurt us in H1b or GC bill then we will do campaign. Lets do not wait for antis to start.