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  • gimmeacard
    08-03 01:11 AM
    U seem to be an old tiger on this forum...:) Enjoy ur green. Greened on the first day itself. What else can u ask for? I'm not sure how many sleepless nites I'll hv to go thru this month :(. But I'm positive that I'll get it this month...

    Just curious. Did u get ur "magic" email in the nite OR was it sometime during working hours?

    add some of ur details on case processing

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  • flipflop
    08-28 05:38 PM
    So Monkeyman, once a person comes to US, he/she should never complain, obey the orders and become subservient, and if treated like dirt, should still shut one's mouth. Looks like you are happy to be a slave to the system!!

    Personally speaking, these INDIAN (yes thats with caps) body shops are the reason of H1B abuse. But what can USCIS do if there are crooks sitting in Hyd selling H1Bs for few lakhs.

    And people have either become so naive or are really desparate that they fall into their traps as was evident by some lady on murthy forum who incessantly advocated that one needs to get H1B before looking for a job!!

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  • Sachin_Stock
    07-14 03:16 PM
    I have failed to see where IV has been showing discrimination or bias towards Eb2 versus Eb3?

    Not taking up a specific Eb-3 cause does not tantamount of neglecting Eb-3. Has IV done something in past 'proactively' for only a certain category of Eb? If not, then how can we accuse IV of ditching Eb3, at the same time?

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  • vik_tx
    06-14 11:24 AM
    had a similar issue.. labor was stuck in the backlog ctr for 4 years.. Tired of waiting - i then directed my lawers to request the dol for a screenshot, ven though my h-1b was valid and i did not actually need it.. lo and behold.. 15 days after that .. it was miraclously approved.. I suggest you try the same.. Something in the screen-shot process triggered my labor review ..


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  • ksnewyork
    06-29 02:56 PM
    My I140 is approved and now I am filing the I 485/765/131 together based on new developments. Now that all dates are current, are they going to process the application based on July filing date or based on Priority date(labor).

    Can please someone confirm that. My attorney says its based on priority date but I just called USCIS information desk and they said that its based on 485 application date.

    Thank you

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    09-14 04:28 PM
    Disclaimer: I'm not an immigration attroney. Always laws/filing procedures/forms/fees are constantly changing so please check with USCIS or with your immigration Attroney for your situation.

    Hope this helps!!! get vaccination, photo, birth certificate, marriage certificate......Good Luck to you all!!!!:)

    This is excellent. Helps us a lot. Thank you.:)


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  • GC_Applicant
    09-24 05:51 PM
    I'm not aiming for the stars., but just the lamp post :D

    How about flexibility in changing jobs after I-485 filing

    Three year EAD+AP

    Counting the qualifying year for Citizenship from I-485 filing date.

    Granting in-state status for students where their parents have I-485 pending for five years or more

    Visa validation or stamping within US

    [QUOTE=Chris Rock;961251]

    If you are a CEO what would you do to solve the EB3 India issue.

    Please present your ideas here. Just the ideas.


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  • Lasantha
    04-14 01:53 PM
    Yes I did call the USCIS the day prior to getting the welcome email. Now if that triggered the approval or not I can't be certain.

    Lasantha, I have a similar profile like yours except for my PD will become current in May and I-485 was filed July 2nd. My question to you is that did you call the service center to inquire about your status, and that triggered approval.

    EB3-ROW PD Sep 2005
    I-140 approved in 2006
    I-485 RD 07/02/2007


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  • sdrblr
    09-02 04:24 PM
    funny !!!
    Where can I get some luck?;) hope fully it is not retrogressed.

    Yes you are absolutely true..... We must have the luck factor also...

    As in my case, my PD, RD, ND and BD (BD aka Birth Day also :) ) all are well with in the current processing time frame and still waiting for the mercy of Lord USCIS.


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  • vasa
    09-20 02:43 PM
    i had pleasuer to meet with aman/logic life/paskal/pappu. it made some good sense to put a face with the IV handle and it does helps a lot.
    over all my experience was that all members (core and non core) worked earnestly to make anything and everything possible. i know it as i was outside the room where all the action was... and could see honesty in every action.

    this will go down as long lasting memories with me...



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  • cal_dood
    07-17 10:31 PM
    My wife's LC was filed through the old process. We also did the PERM for her and were able to port the old PD BUT it took almost a year and the lawyer told us he had to ask his 'congressional contact' for help.

    PERM may be an option for people in BEC - but not a sure shot one. The whole process takes ~6 months (including advertisements) and you/your company need to shell out $$$.

    I empathize with you - but this is life. I had a PD of Oct '03 - but got sick of my job and changed - so now have a PD of Dec '05. Didn't make a difference as both became current in the July VB.

    All of us come here for different reasons - many like me come for career opportunities. When GC/visa issues become a barrier for your career, it's time to rethink - when at the same time the opportunities in your country are much better. In the grand scheme of things, it's still not clear how important a GC is - don't get me wrong it really really helps - but if you are unlucky - then you need to evaluate the opportunity cost.

    Good luck!

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  • inskrish
    09-01 07:15 PM
    Is the day over already????

    Inshkrish you have two RDs I mean you are July 2 filer how come your RD is in Aug, ND is in October so technically you are out of the processing window (but are you???)

    My PD is close to you....but no movement ..........

    Congrats to all those who got green today....the world is at your feet....enjoy it while you can...


    Hi SeekerOfPeace,

    USCIS received my I-485 application on 07/02/2007, but it ignored the mail room receipt date and updated my case with 08/05/07 as the receipt date.


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  • baleraosreedhar
    08-18 10:52 AM
    Apllied on : June 9( Spouse and Me)
    Notice Date : June 10
    FP : 2 July
    Soft Luds on I140 on 7/13
    Soft luds on I140/Old H1's/I 485 on 7/30
    AP approved on 7/31( still no card production ordered status)

    Eagerly waiting for EAD.

    AP got approved( both of us on July 31)

    Wife opened a SR for Expediate process on 14 Aug and today she got Card PRoduction Message

    I am planning to open SR today, I hope the Expediate request is accepted on the basis of Financial Hardship

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  • Green06
    09-19 12:35 PM
    I am part of MN Chapter and attended the rally. It was a wonderful experience. I am proud to part of IV family and I am sure that lawmakers will listen to our voice. It was also exciting to see faces behind the IV names.

    Keep up the good work IV


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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:31 PM
    ok....lets just maintain one thread guys....plzzzzzz

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  • sdrblr
    09-03 11:26 AM
    I got it !!!!

    no CPO or welcome email.... just the below...funny part is, it was approved yesterday and when I checked the status this morning there was no change.

    well I will take it :)

    the weired part is no email even though I have "Y" in the settings.. I just happened to check the status online and have the below message for spouse and I



    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On September 2, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register


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  • ashkam
    07-22 10:14 AM
    My wife's status changed from H4 TO H1. Recently when she went to apply for her SSN, the officer there took her original approved H1 along with I-94 and never returned it to her. She assumed that they would need the originals . I didn't know about this since I live about 200 mi away from her.
    We will contact them on Monday but in the worst case scenario, if they have lost it. Do I need to apply for a new I-94 or a copy will suffice.
    Any hope??

    You will need the original while going out of the country. For other stuff, usually they only need a copy.

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  • ravi98
    03-25 12:04 AM
    I like the food from a particular restaurant.
    - I go there often, enjoy the food, and recommend it to my friends.

    I don't like the food from a particular restaurant.
    - I don't go there at all, even when I am hungry and I will tell my bad food experience to my friends - either convince them not to go there or let them decide on their choice.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

    I like what IV has done, what IV is doing currently.
    - I will visit the site often, get the information I want/need and recommend it to my friends

    I don't like what IV has done, or what it is doing currently.
    - I will not visit the site, as it is a waste of time and I will tell my bad experience to my friends - either convince them to leave IV or let them decide on their choice.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical?

    Now, I don't like a particular restaurant, they serve bad food, bad customer service, waste of money, time - BUT I still go to the restaurant, eat the bad food, complain of the customer service, spend money knowing very well I am not getting its worth, and then stand up in the middle of this same restaurant floor and tell people this restaurant is not good (while eating) and tell my friends not to go to this restaurant (while I continue to go).

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical? Or Unreasonable? Illogical? Impractical? - I would say second choice.

    Let's do the same comparison:
    I don't like what IV has done, nor what it is doing currently, I don't believe in anything and therefore will not participate, volunteer or contribute - BUT, I still come to IV, surf the threads, get the information I need, complain about undemocratic ways of the IV while having never made an attempt to find out more details, yet, coming on to the forums to post about why I cannot participate, volunteer and contribute. Demanding/Questioning about democratic principles while not understanding the very basis of democracy - PARTICIPATION.

    Reasonable? Logical? Practical? Or Unreasonable? Illogical? Impractical? - I would say second choice.

    What do you as a reasonable, logical and practical person think?

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  • amitjoey
    01-10 06:00 PM
    Besides no one is going to listen to us unless we maintain a long term relationship with many lawmakers by meeting them regularly all across the country. only then will they listen to us as representatives of IV and introduce Bills like this and co-sponsor and vote for it. It also has to do with building relations and trust.
    Thats the only way to get them to pass Bills for us.
    This is a process that can take months of work to get a Bill introduced and get enough people to vote for it.
    Just calling them at the last minute and saying 'lets push for this' or 'why is IV not acting' is not going to do much help without the previous step.
    This is an ongoing process that needs to to be done over a long period and its about getting enough votes in house and senate 216+60 to pass. that is how we ensure close to 300 lawmakers will vote for our cause.

    rightly said!

    07-11 06:01 PM
    Do we know for sure that this letter is in fact real? I mean yes it's on one website that has a link to a PDF document, but surely we can get it verified from another source (and I don't mean another immigration website forum) before we start sending her thanks and flowers.

    Well, its not too late to thank someone. At least she sent letters out on July 2nd warning them to re-consider issuing the update! Let's mail her a general letter thanking her for her efforts. I don't think we need to go into specifics.

    04-10 12:59 PM
    Let us see if we can beat last year's funding drive

    I am happy to report that within the first 4 days of this campaign we have already hit a potential fundraising total of $3,500!!!

    We need to keep this campaign moving forward, we need IVians to support this cause! Our goal by end of Year 1 is $45,000!!! We need your support to make this initiative a success.

    Lets get IV's name out on the national stage by showing our presence at these events. Imagine the impact we will have when they see Team IV walker/runners in Immigration Voice T Shirts at the finish line of all the three walking/running events we have picked and at several other local events as well.

    Go IV, Go Team IV!!:)