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  • amaze
    10-30 04:26 AM
    i what do u think about it apart from the tv series?

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  • pawelw
    07-05 12:42 PM
    Thanks for your replies.
    Do you know what is a common practice of USCIS in case they don't find our reply to such RFE good enough? Do they follow up with another RFE or just deny I140? I'm trying to figure out how much time will I have to pack my stuff if things go really bad :).

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  • sumansk
    11-29 11:26 AM
    Hello experts,
    Here is a situation of my friend .
    1.He lost his and his wife's passport alongwith the receipt notices and FP notice.The current visa which has expired and I-94 is also lost.
    2.The lost passport includes the old passport with old visa in it.

    Can you please throw some light as to what are his options.

    Thanks & Regards

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  • gcdreamer05
    09-12 10:07 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???

    Well you have sufficient time for the OPT to finish, but say you are at the end of your OPT you need to find a job which does h1b so that you have a valid visa status (or) continue your education so that you have another study visa.

    Say you want to go back to your home country, then make sure you have proper visa for your kid to enter your home country. Say your home country is India, then you need to file PIO Card for your kid or get a indian visa for your kid before you enter your home country, because your kid is a US Citizen and needs permit to enter in to your home country.


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  • tnite
    08-24 09:44 AM
    Mam Thank god..Atlast someone has responded. I live in Williamsville. I am the only one righht now. We will rent a car and try to get some 3 more guys. I will pm my contact no.

    Saravanraj , I sent you a PM .

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  • gauravster
    04-17 04:12 PM

    I am here on a H1B visa and my wife is on a H4 Visa. She has recently been admitted to a masters program and would start going to school soon.

    1. We want to get a F1 visa for her, so that she can get paid for some work in the campus. Would it be possible to get the F1 visa in Canada. Does anyone have any recent experience on getting this done ?
    2. Say we not apply for a visa but only apply for a change of status and do not even go to India or anywhere else before the completion of her program. After that she would go on an OPT. If we go to India then, would it not be a problem in getting a F-1 visa, as her education would already be complete. Does it mean that she should get her visa stamped before she completes her education.



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  • jungalee43
    11-17 10:31 PM
    Great Job. I left NC just a year ago. Wish I was there with you to be a part of this. But anyway I am active in my new state IV chapter.

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  • belmontboy
    06-03 09:04 PM
    any ideas about 1-2day /night cruise from Houston/Galveston ? I want to avoid Immigration checks.
    Thanks in advance.

    there is a wonderful app called "GOOGLE". That would help you
    follow these steps:

    Procedure A
    1.) type
    2.) in the small box that appears, type cruise deals
    3.) click enter
    4.) in the results page that you may or may not get [depending on what crap u typed in step 2] open each page

    for eachpage follow the below things
    Procedure B
    1.) click on page
    2.) look for the deal you want
    3.) if you find it, then book
    4.) if you don't find, then click on back button

    repeat the above [procedure B] until u get what u want

    if u don't get anything from above steps then retry procedure A with a different keyword.

    i hope I have technically enlightened you with the magical powers of search engine!!!

    Good luck :D


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  • jville
    10-29 04:31 PM
    I am planning to file a Fed Court case against USCIS for incorrect denial of I148 with AC21.
    Appreciate if have any input/info on below,

    1. How much typically a Fed court case cost?
    2. Any recommendation of good attorney for this?
    3. Any other information/input

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  • Prashanthi
    07-06 05:37 PM
    your employer has to update your I-9 form with the EAD documentation, you need AP for travel only, you will not be deported if you change to EAD.


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  • vdlrao
    01-03 11:38 PM
    This is Krishna doing Master's Tennessee State University as a full time student. My I-20 got expired on 12-17-08 but I noticed on 01-02-09. My International advisor told me that I am out of status and I need to apply for reinstatement to USCIS and I am not eligible to work. The process takes 60-120 days. My questions are

    1) Do they approve this kind of applications?
    2) I will get a case number after applying USCIS. Am I eligible to work (I am working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant) once I get the case number? Or Do I need to wait until the case resolved?

    The mistake was done because I was planning to graduate in December and I filled the intend to graduate form too. But it got delayed as I didn't have enough data and I was busy in working on my thesis and research in November and December.

    Please help me with this issue.

    Thank you


    Please suggest what he needs to do.


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  • desi3933
    03-25 11:56 AM
    Yes, as long as the derivative I-485 is submitted before the primary applicant receives approval of his I-485.


    Her I-485 does not need to filed before his I-485 approval. She can file for her I-485 when PD is current and maintaining valid visa status (or out of status < 180 days) at the time of filing of her I-485.

    Not a legal advice.


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  • ponnuswamyp
    09-28 12:21 AM
    I am not sure whether a way to prepone it. You can try going for FP. They did not say anything about the future date.

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  • rkm
    02-16 12:20 PM
    If your Dads age more then 60 then D157 not required


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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-08 02:12 AM
    hey thanks....especially from the "pixel-guru" himself ;)

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  • kpkrind
    09-05 10:54 AM
    Hello All,
    Here are my case details, please help me.

    - I am on a H1 visa through company ABC and my H1 visa and I-94 are expiring on Sep 30th 2007
    - My wife is currently on a H4 visa and she arrived in May 2007. Her h4 visa and I-94 are valid till Sept 30th 2007
    - My consulting company ABC has filed for her H1 visa and she received her H1 approval notice in May 2007 (after her arrival here) with a start date of Oct 1 2007. Since it was not a COS, she didn't receive a new I-94.
    - Since our plan was to stay together for a few more months till November, My employer(and my spouse H1 sponser) ABC has filed for my H1 visa extension and her H4 visa extension and we have received receipts for both of the applications.

    Would that be sending wrong signal to USCIS, saying that she wants to continue on H4 and not work on H1? Would that cause H1 approved petition to be cancelled or revoked. Is it true? If its going to be a problem, what are the immediate steps she can take since she wants to work?

    We were exploring ways that she can get the H1 I-94 legal status from staying within US instead of exiting the country and getting a H1 stamping right now. What steps can we follow.
    * Form I-539 which we used for extending the H4 status, could we have used the same form for requesting a change of status to H1 and since it is almost taking upto 3-4 months, would we have been granted a I-94 for H1 sometime in Nov as we were wanting? Could she stay in the US legally once this form had been filed until its approval?
    * Should the employer file for I-129 to amend the status of stay from H4 visa to H1 visa and when he should do it?



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  • amitpan007
    10-10 11:35 AM
    I did it about 10 days before scheduled date in July. Went around 2 PM. The guy at front desk was reluctant but let me in due to my case being genuine pregnancy after discussing with supervisor.

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  • viper673
    06-24 02:55 PM
    A friend of mine just told me that USCIS has issued "guidance" a couple of weeks ago that allows using the EAD and at the same time "preserving" the alien's H1B status.

    I can't find the document, but he swears that he read it..

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  • payur
    04-07 11:51 AM
    CIR talks are going on CSPAN.

    04-08 02:14 AM
    and i will change it tmrw...right now i gotta sleep

    10-11 06:02 PM
    On Monday USCIS was showing that my EAD card has been ordered and today it changed to Approval notice sent....

    What is the difference between these two, anyone?

    I know both of them sound like music to my ears but want to know WHEN exactly should I be expecting the actual EAD...

    Thanks in advance.