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  • apnair2002
    01-19 10:49 AM
    paid already 300 + and signed up for recurring 20 / month .. i am now in india .. sorry for the late contribuiton

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  • sandy_anand
    05-03 03:53 PM
    i got an approval email for me and my wife last night.
    PD: June 29, 2006
    Texas Service Center


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  • neelu
    12-13 05:59 PM
    I was able to introduce ONE member to IV.
    Welcome 'Tangerine'.

    I have sent emails to four others.

    Please spread the word.

    Everyone please contribute ONE member by December 31st.

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  • sukhwinderd
    03-09 09:52 AM
    more than $10,000 if they keep you in limbo.
    in my case, the companies i worked at has spent nearly 50,000$ ( in USCIS + lawyer + misc fee) for my H1s and my GC applications.

    I know there are plenty of suggestions flying around and here is my 2 cent, it may or may not make too much sense, but here it is.
    We can rant about the difficulties of not getting a GC, make emotional pleas of our struggles all day, but nothing talks better than money. In the current scenario nothing will grab more attention if you can show how we contribute to the US govt and the US economy in monetary terms. Nothing else will get the attention of these lawmakers like money can. ;-)
    Can we put out some numbers for the lawmakers, in terms of our contribution to federal & state taxes, social security, property taxes and overall economy by way of our purchasing power home, cars, appliances, vacations, etc (all the amount that you spend in the US) and multiply these numbers by the number of folks waiting to get GC or who have the GCs. I am sure when you add all this up it will be a significant number, which is bound to catch some attention. Assuming the majority of us make more than the average American, all these figures will definitely standout.
    Also propose a one time fee of $10,000 to apply for GC right away. I am willing to pay this fee if USCIS can grant me a GC or provide us a way to stay and work legally in this country with no tie in to the employer. This could be a significant amount of revenue, especially when all lawmakers are looking to reduce the deficit and raise some income. As it is they are regularly increasing the visa fees to pay for some bill to the other like the 9/11 workers healthcare bill, etc. If a 100,000 folks(not sure how many are there in total) like us cough up $10,000 that could equal 1 billion. May seem small amount compare to the US deficit, but when you add up our total contribution it is significant. This may be totally outlandish, but I think something on this line is worth talking about. Like I said, nothing talks better than money.
    Not sure if there have been other similar ideas, but if we can compile a few pages of such information with numbers, graphs, comparative charts etc and hand them out to the lawmakers it may help.
    Comments and feedback welcome. May be this is totally a dumb idea, but if the admins think it makes sense willing to discuss and prepare something. Also this post is not meant to begin a debate or to distract us from our goal but just some thoughts.
    PS: Have contributed in the past and intend to participate (financially and in person) on the Advocacy day.


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  • archu
    05-05 11:32 AM
    my H1 got approved on dec 2006 for 2007 cap.It is 3 years valid.
    Because of some problems between me and my employer,
    i just transfered my h1 to h4 to maintain my case status on jan 2007.
    He didn't give my H1 paper to me and gave me a copy of it.
    Now,Can I reuse my H1 again?
    If it is posible , can transfer the same h1 with other company without paystubs.Please help me out.

    I greatly appreciate for your help,
    thank you.

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  • spicy_guy
    07-14 04:48 PM
    Mr. Pagal,
    Its very unfortunate, that most of us are very active only when a Visa Bulletin is released, bickering about EB1, EB3, EB1 etc. Then the topic dies until the next visa bulletin is released.
    There are plenty of action items to do, have you checked those, I recommend you do that ASAP. Mind that the IV core also has a professional and personal life, no one pays them to do what they do at IV. Simply pointing fingers at others will not help with our cause. Contributing some $$ is also an action Item, I suggest you start with that.

    Have a good one!!

    Understandably so. But the contention is that whatever efforts that IV putting in, is not helping EB3 much. Not finger pointing that IV hasn't done anything or biased towards EB3. But its just the fact that its helping only EB2 folks (of course, nothing against EB2), but everyone can see the how badly EB3I is affected.

    It doesn't make sense if people argue EB2 are brightest or high cast community. That's a BS. Most, if not all, know the fact that its not a case.

    Yes, I would suggest working with IV to achieve the goals.


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  • Hassan11
    04-01 01:26 PM
    do you want the new poll for EB3 only?? ROW

    Can someone please create a poll for ROW RDs. It should be monthly banded
    between May to Aug 2007.
    I don't find an option for me to create a poll.

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  • gconmymind
    10-10 12:51 PM
    My wife will be in US in December on H4 visa. She has an approved H1B 797 notice starting 1st October 2007. When she applies for H4 to H1, is that under the quota? My understanding is that her H1 approval has already been counted against the quota and the COS will not be subject to yearly cap.

    Appreciate your replies.


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  • Kaianna
    05-19 03:22 PM
    Just got the mail Card production ordered(myself, spouse , dependent).

    Raised SR on 2nd May Got RFE on 3rd , received the RFE(Employement Verification) on 8th.
    replied the RFE , USCIS received on 12th.
    EB2 PD June 5th 2006

    Hi Pps123,
    Did you change the job? They sent the REF letter to you or your attorney? I raised SR on May 6th, and received an email on May13th saying that a RFE letter was sent out. Anxious to know what the RFE is.

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 07:27 AM
    you guys must have seen me with my 3 kids in a stroller and my wife handing out flowers and holding a placard...
    it was an experience in itself, a good one
    with lasting memories


    Actually - missed you. Please share a pic - I did think I saw u but unable to recollect


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  • Hassan11
    04-10 11:31 AM
    Thanks Lasantha :)


    http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=96b53591ec04d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCR D&vgnextchannel=52a46c854523d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1 RCRD


    P.O. Box 82521

    Lincoln, NE 68501-2521

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  • eb3retro
    05-15 12:13 PM
    Here is what my attorney recommended-

    1. Get a "Non-Available Certificate" from the municipality
    2. Get 2 people to provide affidavit (close relatives) in support of your birth date.

    Hope this is helpful. Check with your attorney too.

    Really appreciate your time in answering my question.


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  • desi3933
    07-11 02:38 PM
    My wife got her H1b petition approved but not the change of status, that is she did not get the I94 along with the approval (she was outside the country at the time of approval). I know that she should be going out of the country and get the visa before she can start working. But After some research I found that there is another option, which is filing "amendment petition".

    Has anyone done this before. If anyone has done this please share your experiences.

    Does she has any H1 visa stamped in her passport?

    Not a legal advice.

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  • kumar1
    05-16 03:23 PM
    Called some of them.....would call all of them before Monday.


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  • painfulgc
    05-19 12:42 PM
    Called all of them, only Representative Ciro Rodriguez office told they will not support the bill...:mad:. others told they will pass the message...

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  • StarSun
    03-28 09:38 AM
    This is the precise reason I am staying away from IV, people just dont show any civility in the forum discussions and starts name calling or shot down the people who ask questions.

    If IV comes up with just one single GOAL of reducing the curent EB backlog for the restorgressed categories, people even from RoW countries will start participating in IV campaign and support IV's advocacy efforts in terms of their donations and volunteering for IV.

    Reducing the current EB backlog will help everyone.

    If every member decided to be respectful of each other (even when some one is not), then civility would not be a problem.

    However, that is not the case. Members sometimes take things personally and expect IV to micromanage the forums. In the current situation this is not possible.

    1. IV is asking money for advocacy efforts and we are unable to raise the money we set out. The money goes directly to the advocacy.
    2. IV can do the micro managing, then we need to raise more money - to pay for the people - which means members have to pay more money regularly to pay consistently for the people working and for the year round advocacy.
    3. IV is doing the good work (if I may say so). I wrote earlier, that if any member had a question on IV and its workings, all they have to do is call up - you will find out about what we do directly from us. But I am yet to hear a phone ring on that reason. You can make up your mind on to support us or not.
    4. Holding every member's word as that of IV is unfair and unrealistic. Please refrain from it.

    Again, if we decide to be civil to each other, we solve this problem. That is an individual choice - that each one you (and us) have to take.

    Debate about a problem and try to find a solution. But asking people to convince anyone of anything on open forums is not realistic. If members are so inclined to believe in a cause, they will find ways to learn about it and work on it.

    Volunteers of this organization are just like you. With jobs, families, financial constraints.......

    You - every member and not directed at any one particular member.

    IV needs more dedicated volunteers or more consistent donor members to get what members are asking for. Each member, please decide what you would like to do - help IV regularly and be civil or pay money so that IV can get the work done. The choice is yours.

    We work with what we have.


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  • acs_78
    08-20 10:23 AM
    Filed on May 21st. Finally got email that card production ordered

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  • sparky_jones
    04-12 10:00 AM
    Does anyone know that if it's an India-issued passport and if it's about to expire, will I get the new passport the same day if I submit the application for renewal in person to the CGI/ Indian Embassy at Houston/ NY?

    At NY you may get same day service using Tatkal option ($90 extra) . You can tell them you need same day service. They will examine your passport and let you know if they can renew it the same day or not. You can then pay the $90 tatkal fee and collect the passport the same evening.

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  • gauravsh
    03-11 02:13 PM
    I applied to my passport renewal in Jan 09 got back the renewed passport in march 2009.
    I checked the passport and on my new passport the old passport number was wrong.
    I went personally there and they put a observation in my passport as (the old passport number should be read as xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
    The observation is hand written and has no signature or stamp on it. I talked to the lady there and she said this is fine and lawful.

    Can any one shed any light, if that can be a problem to me while travelling??

    BTW - old passport was mentioned wrong becuase I did a typing error while filling online application. When I went there they corrected the ew passport and gave me within 1 hour. So in that way they were helpful.

    11-19 10:11 PM

    where do I clarify this?

    Indian consualte does not entertain email or phone calls :mad:

    03-19 08:08 PM
    He meant that 140k Visa numbers allocated each year, out of which less number Visas are actually processed by CIS, all the unused visa numbers in the past which might be more than 300k should be used now to reduce the backlog.

    CIS did not issue all those 140K visas for past sevaral years despite of the fact that there were more than 140K applications pending with them during all those years. Those visa numbers were lost and the applications accumulated over the period of time due to inefficient USCIS process.

    This is what ombudsman said about this issue and I quote

    "For example, when employment-based visas are not used during the year they are authorized, they are lost and are not available for future use without special legislation. In FY 06, over 10,000 employment-based visas were lost, even though USCIS had an estimated 100,000 to 150,000 pending applications for employment-based green cards.36 Based on USCIS use of visa numbers as of May 2007, at present consumption rates approximately 40,000 visas will be lost in FY 07 without a dramatic increase in USCIS requests of visa numbers.37 As illustrated below, since 1994 there have been over 218,000 un-recaptured employment-based visas lost due to underutilization of the employment-based visas. " end quote.

    Here's the link to all the issues raised by ombudsman in 2007 annual report.