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  • sravani
    05-15 09:43 AM
    I am thinking we need to wait a long time for the 485 to get approved, mainly due to the volume of the applications due to this huge movement in the PDs.

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-01 10:45 AM
    I agree with this 100%, BUT we (US degree holdeers) have to understand that in the GC aspirant community there are tons of people who came in through "desi consultnats" (even this word makes my blood boil), who will never agree with this or support this. Classic Indian mentality, one crab pulling the other back in the basket.

    Jeff Flake introduce bill to exempt PHD holder from USA from visa limit. We should push for MS people so it will make queue lesser. Also we should start campaign for Visa recapture.

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  • pasupuleti
    06-08 01:02 PM
    Basically talks about election year politics on this bill.


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  • waiting4gc
    01-19 12:39 AM
    Will try to get my friends to sign up over the weekend


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  • bsbawa10
    03-20 03:55 PM
    Very nice thread. Can somebody summarize/collect all these things ? These things can be used for all purposes..like to write to Zoe 2. To write to USCIS itself 3. To write to Mr. President. and many other places

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  • chanduv23
    04-08 10:19 AM
    Well that would be an option make H1b portable.
    But then most consulting companies will not hire H1B's because it won't be cost effective.
    Anyway just by checking most of this consulting firms businesses they will be able to uncover all the fraud.
    It's very unethical to make you lie on your resume and then try to market you to an employer with fake experience, also nobody has responded to my comment. Real Companies like PWC, IBM pay you while you're on bench, while
    this indian consulting companies break the law by not doing that.

    I have seen tons of American citizen resumes with Fake experience. When we conducted background check, we found that a lot of companies they listed on thier resumes could not be found as their employer and a lot of people also fake on education saying they are from Harward etc..... This has become very common now locally. A lot of American people get JOBS ONLY through recomendations of friends or relatives and by word of mouth. They do not go through a stringent interview process. They will do everything possible to keep their jobs and get jobs in an easy manner. The companies that hire people on h1b as employees or contractors actually look for "real" skilled workers so that they have a strong skill based workers.

    Body shops want you to fake ur resume only when
    (1) You want to get your wife a h1b placement through a body shop, who actually has no experience but you approach the body shop for filing ur spouse h1b
    (2) You do Master's and want to get a placement through a body shop.
    (3) Your skills are not marketable by body shopping requirements.

    Body shops care for themselves. The kind of consulting jobs they deal with are jobs that require wierd skills and most times and thats why they get those requirements.

    You can survive without faking resume if
    (1) Keep trying hard for direct jobs and meet minimum standards
    (2) Be competitive, try to crack the googles and microsofts multi layer interviews, go back to basics and learn and work hard
    (3) If you are subject to cap - work around it. Look for options.
    (4) Increase your skill base. Do projects at home on your laptop. Go to open source or google user groups and gain more knowledge.

    Make a body shopper dependent on your skills. Get selected for a contract job without faking resume and then carry your body shopper to sign the corp to corp contract. You can keep your skill and update as well as do body shopping without faking resume.

    So if you blame body shopping companies for the mess, it will directly feed into anti immigrants as they want reasons to get back into their lazy easy job lifestyle and get rid of the competitive H1bs.


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  • yabadaba
    10-12 11:27 AM
    what you say makes no sense absolutely
    I will elaborate. EB2 was current untill September 30th 2005. So where does the 2003 "screeching blah blah" come into effect?

    Besides ike I have posted countless times...there were only 2000+ approvals for Labor certifications for India between march2005 and october 2005

    and only 7000 labor certifications for India between march 2005 and december 2005.

    These include a number of labor certifications for other worker categories. I myself saw at least 500 pipefitters and welders and joiners whose labor certification had been approved from Louisiana (maybe cos of katrina)

    so if the priority dates have to move for EB2 they will move to jan 2006 (like the chinese have) or remain at 2004

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  • srr_2007
    04-07 12:33 AM
    This would actually be a good idea. Then there would be more Visas available. Especially people with US Degrees. Most people with US degrees dont need to work for this fraudulent consulting firms. They are able to find real jobs with real US employers.

    Do you really belive that corporates will do all the pointers mentioned in the bill and hire a international student on H1B.

    If this bill is enacted existing H1B's will be thrown out over the years, and by that times corporates want to hire a MS after doing all the pointers of this bill something else would come up to screw you.


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  • buvane
    09-03 12:57 PM
    Best thing to resolve this is just to have one approval center.

    PD May 7,2004 @NSC -----Still waiting...

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  • shantak
    08-14 05:49 PM
    I had an infopass appointment today and that was big waste of time and i had to drive 4 hours(2 hrs each way) for this.
    They did not offer me any more information than the regular customer service.
    She told me that they have received my FP on 7/22 (although I have given mine on 6/19) and it is not unusual that my application is pending. She asked me wait for another 30 days and come back if I dont receive until then.
    I asked her if she could send an email or open an SR to the service center, and she said no saying that she will do that only after 30 days have passed beyond 90 day period.
    I asked her about the interim EAD and she did not understand what I was talking about. When I provided her about USCIS memo, she said "yeah that is what im saying, we will contact the service center for that 30days after the stipualated 90 days have passed". Basically she did not know what she was talking about.
    Im planning to contact the senator next week (this time I want to make sure that 90days have passed before I approach them)

    Interestingly she told me that many people are coming to her everyday regarding the same (EAD renewal) and that Service Centers are aware of this (although this does not make any difference to us).

    When I asked her if the case was assigned to an "officer", she told me that EADs are not assigned to officers (unlike 485) they are just reviewed and approved.

    Hopefully they will approve our eads soon so that I can atleast drive a car.

    EAD eFiled May 23rd
    FP on June 19th


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  • Caliber
    07-13 03:27 PM
    God help EB3I

    I am not offending any one and that is not even my intention.

    God already helped us with good jobs. EB3 I waiting numbers are around 60,000. I am sure at least 20,000 of them are either IV members or silent members. If half of 20K contribute just $100 (Hundred) dollars, that will be a million dollar kitty which will make HUGE impact during lame duck session. Any takers? But every one has to contribute.

    God will not come to our rescue when we can help ourselves.

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  • GCard_Dream
    07-11 07:17 PM
    kramer2005 is probably one of those folks stuck in BEC who were so happy when DOS released the July visa bulletin update. They thought it was unfair to them that we were allowed to file 485. And now that there is some hope again for us to file 485, these guys are back to discourage us from pursuing this further.

    Ok, we are stopping this stupidity. Happy?
    Let's all go home and do nothing.

    but wait,,....... what are you doing here on this forum if you feel so strongly...


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  • 11785181
    08-07 11:39 AM
    My daughter aged out a couple of years ago due to the fact that my husband's labor was in process and it took about 2 plus years to get approved. Another thing is we have no options at all because our child is severely handicapped and we came here only to participate in a research and never went back as doctors advised her to stay here due to her health issues. We continue to keep her in legal status by applying for B2 visa all the time and which USCIS has been kind enough to grant it to her based on doctor's letters. I hope something is done for the children who have aged out. I even took up our case through Senator's office but nothing happened. It would be really great if IV could do something for the Aged Out Children and parents. I had to leave the job and get into H4 due to her ill health and be her primary care giver.

    Kay Ahuja
    Contributed to IV

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  • GCAmigo
    02-01 07:36 PM
    from what I understand the EB Visas total number has been changed to
    290K Plus any unused EB visas during 2006 plus any unused EB visas during the preiod 2001-2005 plus ??


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  • Keeme
    03-31 05:19 PM
    [QUOTE=Totoro;331207]Here are the examples I presented (lightly edited). Anyone wanting to meet with lawmakers should feel free to use as much of these documents as needed.

    Great job ! Thank you very much for standing for common cause.

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  • pmpforgc
    04-10 01:50 PM
    There is no harm in adding this also as the fifth item along with the existing 4 items. :D

    I think CITIZENShip years Credit or Reduction in the years is Make most sense for the highly skilled immigrant from India and China as those are the people who suffers most because of backlog and name check.

    I also think we should stick to the "five year federal taxes paid" beacuse that is what they expect from normal family based GC holder. Also adding Masters and Higher degrees in the STEM fields attract possible more support.

    We should not talk any where close to 10 /15 years waiting time as that is not what current system of citizesnship talks about.

    Also marriage based GC already has 3 years after GC rule so it may beeasy to get it.

    Making it more complicated like Percent credit for before GC filing, after GC filing, after getting GC May become hard and complicated to convenince politicains who might be amending those rules.

    So Keeping it simple - 5 yr federal taxes, MS or higher in STEM, 3 years after GC - you get citizenship (all of these has precedents)


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  • fcres
    01-17 04:52 PM
    Is it possible that some members are not getting the email? I did not get any and even checked my junk folder. I have set up to receive email from admins and other members. I came to know about this recurring contribution only when i came to this thread. Will do mine shortly.

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  • Lasantha
    03-26 10:35 AM
    Well, it's not like the week before the April VB was published but I still see approvals trickling in. (On )

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  • sanju_dba
    07-13 05:01 PM
    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. If there is to be any chance of spillover from EB3 ROW, EB3 ROW would be close to current, at least much farther than 2004.
    What a blindfold on me!

    01-12 10:09 PM
    You have consistently abused me and other members on this thread who tried to talk sense and call us really nasty names. i will not stoop to your standards of language.
    You have proven by your lack of knowledge and filthy language that you do not have the common sense to have a meaningful conversation.
    Hope you get the therapy you need really soon...otherwise I feel worried for the people around you who are exposed to your violent and abusive behavior.

    Glad you finally realized it.
    No one has doubted your effors till now

    Yes, and pappu actually works actively for IV provisions and guides us, instead of complaining and making senseless NOISE like you are.
    Yes and i am making a point that he is in a minority

    I thought you did not believe in name-calling. Looks like you change your opinions and stance as per your convenience and frustrations.
    Who started it.from now onwards you will get what you give

    This is an empty claim created by you alone due to your paranoia. Its all inside your head. Again.. empty vessels make lot of noise
    Now that statement that empty vessels make more noise is itself indicative of your ego and how bloated it is and how superior you feel w.r.t others

    Very mature, my friend. Hope you get the good sense to stop abusing folks here and actually doing some good for the overall EB cause. Stop spreading these conspiracy theories and fears..we all have enough on our hands already. You DO NOT represent EB3 here. You are just a frustrated and embarassed person trying to hide behind your username and venting out against some hypothetical problem you have created in your head.

    When will you get it into your head that no one (least of all me) is abusing folks here. I would assume that that a sane person would recognize the fact that a section of EB folks are falling through the cracks and i would certainly not expect you to even recognize this fact because you are EB2. So if a person tries to discuss about something related to EB he is frustrated and embarrassed but when IV talk to USCIS about EB backlog you are Advocating and Lobbying. Now that is the best example of Hippocratcy i ever saw. (How on the earth did you come up with that reasoning)

    Please get some help. And spare us another 1000 word essay. I think we have heard enough. Find another place to get some therapy.
    The person who has no more valid argument and keeps denigrating the other person who is trying to present the point of view needs some help. Just because you say so does not mean anything. You do not have any argument so you have to fall back on something ridiculous. I empathize with you and feel sorry for you.
    And how many times do i have to say this a 1000 words essay is respecting your point of view you bigoted idiot. That means how ever mean and bigoted your comments are how much ever i disagree with you I am replying to your arguments point to point. Now god knows you are are a stupid bigoted person but if i am making an effort to reply to you point by point the least you can do is be civil but i am asking too much

    03-24 01:56 PM
    Actually I saw an improvement for 03/20. 6 approvals for that day then it's back to no approvals.

    Looks like approvals has slowed down further.
    This is why at the end of the year there are unused visas. All due to inefficiencies of USCIS.
    We are doomed.