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  • Dhundhun
    04-22 01:11 PM
    EAD Renewal (Paber based):
    - Sent Mar 27
    - Received in AZ Lock box Mar 29
    - No Receipt, Check not yet cashed.

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  • maheshf
    05-09 09:27 AM
    When did you submit your SR? I have done the same as well and awaiting a reply on it.

    May 3rd 2011. When did you do yours?

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  • gsc999
    04-07 02:14 PM
    IV Professional Network is a great idea. Count me in.

    Would've joined Team IV too. But distance is a factor stopping me. I can't participate in any of the marathons listed. My moral support is with you guys.
    Thank you for your support.

    NolaIndian sketched major events that we will join for sure. If we were not able to pick events in your area it is not because of lack of events but because of our limited resources.

    What you can do is, join team IV, get the IV gear and run/ walk at the local events, you don't have to wait for us to include local events. Next time we will include that event on our calendar.

    Hope this helps

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  • ram112
    09-02 07:35 PM

    I am a passive IV listener and this is my first post. I was not expecting my GC to be approved for atleast a year since my priority date was Dec 04 and this is the first time I am current. Also, I applied for I-485 only last year in Sept 2008. So it was unlikely they will look at my case since there were people before me from 2007. However as random as they are, I got the e-mail today that they ordered the production card for me. I am EB-2 and my case was st forward though, no RFE's ever and I have not changed job as I am pretty happy where I am. Anyways, all the best to the folks waiting.



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  • punjabi
    05-06 10:01 AM
    Just curious...when did you open the Service request? And after how many days you received the reply below on your case? Was it through email or postal mail?

    Thank you.

    I opened a Service request for my case and got a reply last night, saying 'you cases is assigned an IO offices. Please allow us 60 days to make a decision ....'

    I called the number on your I797 form and rep asked me, if I had any activity on my case in last 60 days. I said No so she opened a SR.

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  • flthere
    07-15 01:41 PM
    What Per-Country limits and fighting against it, I wish someone fight against the whole EB classification :(


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  • needhelp!
    04-09 05:47 PM
    Now I am thinking I should sign up for the family and all three of us would be able to do the 5K for sure.

    Alright. I will sign - up for the Houston Half Marathon and if you decide to upgrade to a half I will swap my Half marathon Decal with your 5K decal. Sound Good? :p

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  • vbkris77
    04-08 06:55 PM
    Guys who come here on H1Bs and apply? Let us set aside the fraud inherent in L1 visa for another day. The visa recapture is there, but it is also a separate issue which takes a while to accomplish.

    H1Bs can't get EB1C. They need to be outside country in 1 out of 3 prceeding years. EB1C is intracompany transfer visa. Even if one is on H1B, they will be need to moved to L1A before they attempt this to my knowledge. Again we are not here to fix the world., we are here to fight for our cause and get going.. Lets be clear.. Most guys after getting their Citizenship, will also vote for republicans... So to me if we can somehow through, under, around get that visa recapture, we are all back to business my friend.. It is not a separate issue. It is the issue..


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  • akhilmahajan
    09-01 11:20 AM
    You deserve it buddy. You have done a lot for the community. Please enjoy your freedom to the fullest and also keep on supporting the efforts you have started.

    Once again congrats to you and your family. Enjoy your trip to INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Saralayar
    07-12 06:48 PM

    I've sent you a PM. Please let me know. We are committed to follow the instructions of IV leadership to take this further.


    Please send me a PM to me join in this parallel effort. Lets collect a list of folks and organize a dedicated effort.

    I fully second Pappu's comment as the current IV core leadership does not have time/$$ to spend on Citizenhip. Getting GC for all of us has and should be the first priority. Thanks to IV core and many of us fellow volunteers, their effort has paid off as things are moving decently fast for EB2 for now. Hopefully our fellow EB3 friends also see some hope in FY'11. As I was saying in the previous posts, many big corps have not filed for new labors in FY'08, FY'09 which should free up many ROW visas. This should help EB3 in the near future.
    I can also join on this effort.


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  • BharatPremi
    10-12 07:10 PM
    The FIFO policy applies (i know, i know, there are lots of exceptions) to applications in a particular category. In fact, for those who have PDs before the current cutoff, there is no FIFO. I know that you have been harping on this for a long time that eventually EB2 will be held back in favor of EB3, but there is no logical basis for this argument. Why isn't EB1 for the retrogressed countries backlogged? With your logic, there should be a time when EB1 is held back for EB2 and EB3 to catch up.

    First of all you did not have to bring EB1 in the discussion. I do not understand where did you feel challenged so have to come up with biting tone. FIFO is category base... You are bringing nothing new. Kid waiting in India for his first flight to USA know that. You have to have a eye to see the big picture. If you analyze the whole design and take the perspective country based... You will find that retrogression policy in addition to FIFO's ultimate effect is - for an example-EB2-India: 2006 PD would not be able to get his GC before EB3-2002. But somebody must not be mentally challenged to derive that. It is not long wait. From next bulletin you will start seeing pattern.

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  • gbof
    08-05 04:25 PM
    When I Spoke to the IO on August 2nd he said that case is assigned to an Officer as of July 28th. I am still waiting.

    I think it depends upon where your file is in the Pile of files assigned to a officer.

    I agree.... I am told by IO that my case was assigned on 7/23.


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  • buddyinsd
    08-03 12:49 AM
    Thanx. But I'm sure USCIS dozn't work based on ur gut feeling.

    Do not get too excited. If we are still in current in the Sep 2010 bulletin, then some reason for hope.

    As of now, I only expect < 5% people to get approved this month.

    If we are still current for Sep 2010 bulletin, then expect around 35 % to get through.

    If we still stay current until the end of the year, expect ~ 80 % to get through.

    How did I get the numbers ? My gut feeling.

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  • ajay
    03-31 06:26 AM


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  • suriajay12
    04-09 07:26 AM
    Our problem is like a bus, stuck and needs a push. You may think "what will a single push from just me, do". I may think the same too. So we both and all who think alike will not do anything.

    Instead. Do whatever u can. Here pushing the bus is doing your part.. write to media, reps, whoever you think.. I know many people out there who do this, I am one of them very dedicatedly doing it.. but these efforts are not sufficient. Dont wait for anyone to come and help you.
    Again, you must be a fool to wake up suddenly NOW, and not in the last 5-7 months. There is nothing to hope for, with 2000 or 3000 cases approved every year. Simple mathematics.
    I can imagine there are 90% folks who gave up, do nothing.. Dont do that.. even if its a small effort, yet do it. And tell us what you did.. That will motivate us, and I may do better.

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  • user1205
    04-11 12:41 PM
    The dates will keep moving and I bet you will be current in the June bulletin.

    This is the selfish part of me speaking but I hope they don't become current but move to April 2008 or something similar.
    If EB3 ROW is current then that opens up the numbers to EB3 India and China and we saw last year that India alone got 17K approvals so that cuts from the number of ROW approvals.
    Again ... it's the selfish part of me ... in a perfect world, nobody would have to wait this long or make these claculations ...
    I'm happy for all the people that get that "card ordered" email but I so hope to get one for myself!!!!


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  • ambals03
    04-11 11:11 AM
    How many votes do we have now ?

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  • gcjones
    05-14 11:35 PM

    Main Address and Phone Number

    Gordon S. Heddell, Inspector General
    Daniel R. Petrole, Deputy Inspector General
    Office of Inspector General
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Room S-5502
    Washington, DC 20210
    Telephone: (202) 693-5100

    OIG Hotline: Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Room S-5506
    Washington, DC 20210
    Telephone: (202) 693-6999 or 1-800-347-3756

    Office of Audit

    Elliot P. Lewis, Assistant Inspector General
    Michael A. Raponi, Deputy Assistant Inspector General
    Richard F. Woodford, Executive Assistant
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Room S-5512
    Washington, D.C. 20210
    Telephone: (202) 693-5170

    Michael K. Yarbrough, Acting Deputy Assistant Inspector General
    Atlanta Federal Center
    61 Forsyth Street, SW Room 6T20
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Telephone: (404) 562-2341

    Dwight E. Gates, Acting Audit Director
    Atlanta Federal Center
    Room 6T20
    61 Forsyth St. S.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Telephone: (404) 562-2341

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  • smarth
    06-28 09:03 AM
    Hi All,
    what is the procedure to move from EB3 to EB2....My PD is April 2004.
    Can I move to EB2 with the same PD?

    Thanks in advance

    09-01 11:59 AM
    This is reality, my friend. There are multiple approvals showing up already on other sites.

    What matters is "had my approval and even better GC arrived?" . The answer is No, yet. So let's keep the hype down and remember we all have long and will continue, but hopefully our kismat will change. But till than ...

    Peace out!

    10-13 12:22 PM
    No one knows dick about PD movement. EB3 filers think that somehow EB2 PD gets stuck or even retrogress and EB3 PDs race forward to 2003/2004, through some delusional logic. Those who filed under EB2 think, EB2 PD moves to 2005/2006. These predictions are mostly prejudicial. USCIS may have some idea after entering all June/July/Aug applications, that is if they can find someone who can add :D.

    My two cents...

    And what about me? I have two files. One in EB3 -2003 and One in EB2 -2006 and both are live. :)