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  • Macaca
    01-19 04:07 PM
    I'll do the best as I can to spread the message.

    Please stay in touch regularly and let us know if something needs to be done.

    We really don't have that much time. The issues should start coming up next month. We have to work on contributions now.


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  • santb1975
    06-09 11:27 AM
    Please do.

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  • amitjoey
    01-04 03:41 PM
    Welcome to our newest member, "mailkoneru"

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  • abhijitp
    07-11 06:39 PM
    Pasadena congressman Adam Schiff from CA supports legal immigration. I received an email from him recently stating the same.

    "In considering immigration reform, Rep. Schiff has repeatedly stated that he does not believe in amnesty for undocumented aliens, but he does believe that those who have been living in this country -- working and paying taxes -- should be given an opportunity to embark on a lengthy and hard-earned path to citizenship. However, he has made it clear that he does not support immigrants who are here illegally being rewarded for breaking our laws by jumping ahead of those who have sought to enter this country legally."

    Okay, apart from Rep. Lofgren:
    1. Pasadena congressman Adam Schiff from CA
    2. Sen. Cantwell
    3. Sen. Cornyn

    Who others should we write to? Is there some IV thread that metions all these names?



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  • hellomms
    05-06 12:39 PM
    I asked the admin and other senior people. But no one bothers to respond.

    I have been in touch with the the administrators and they have been very prompt and supportive regarding this initiative. We have been communicating almost on a daily basis.

    Like any other initiative or the campaign, the more people and voices we have the stronger the campaign is, I am glad to see the 50 number mark but if we need to make this a solid campaign we need to have at least twice as many people as what we have now. Imagine how many people apply for LC, 50 of them having issue with the process is not going to convince any body that there is a problem.

    I am still trying to get people together but that does not prevent us from brain-storming the ideas or even taking actions that does not require a mass scale of support from other people (e.g. lobbying with politicians, etc.)

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  • ajay_hyd
    05-15 09:49 AM
    can we change it to CP now ? already on EAD (4th). Eb3-PD 06/2002


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  • needhelp!
    05-16 05:00 PM

    I removed congressman Henry Cuellar from the list as he is now the co sponsor of all three bills

    THANK YOU IVians!! This group is burning HOT!

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  • prinive
    05-15 12:39 PM
    Yes He is correct. You have the full June to file.

    Can someone elaborate on this. My attorney said the PD that it HAS to be ON OR BEFORE June 1st, If this attorney is right I would LOVE to know;)


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  • rajesh_kamisetty
    06-29 10:10 PM
    From: AILA National
    Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 5:48 PM
    Subject: Follow-up to Update on July Visa Availability

    Further to the email earlier today about July visa availability:

    Several members have asked whether they should continue in their efforts to
    file adjustment of status applications for employment-based cases. Of course
    , this is a matter for each attorney's best judgment, but note that:

    -It is not certain what day the revised Bulletin will be issued.

    -It is possible that the revised bulletin will not issue at all--efforts to
    stop this unprecedented action are being pursued.

    -If you "front desk" the application, i.e. decide it is futile to file, and
    a remedy opens up later, having submitted the applications may improve the
    chances of utlizing whatever fix might be available.

    -If you do submit the adjustments, be sure to use a method whereby you can
    document delivery, and keep that documentation for each client.

    -AILF's Legal Action Center is seeking plaintiffs with respect to both the
    adjustment applications that were or are expected to be rejected for June
    and the adjustment applications that are expected to be rejected in July. Go
    to InfoNet Document # 07062975: on InfoNet for the Potential Plaintiff Questionnaire and related FAQ.

    We cannot predict now what will happen, but will continue to update the
    membership as developments occur.

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  • gbof
    05-21 06:30 AM
    CPO on 5/10 but no card yet...


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-11 03:36 PM
    No such news on the Congresswoman's website

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  • babu123
    07-12 12:46 AM
    Whatever Lofgren asked to USCIS , IV should pass that information to the media , with whom we got contacts now.
    This would get more attention to the nation and USCIS/DOS will be in bad shape for sure.


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-31 10:36 AM
    I think TSC might wait until August 1st. Because if they send before August 1st they might end up giving 2 year EAD. So it might be trick. But i don't care whether they issue 1 year or 2 year EAD. As long as they issue EAD before it expires i am okay. Let's see tomorrow.

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  • X-Wing
    08-03 09:07 AM
    Today I received 'Card Production' ordered emails for both my spouse and me...
    Transpass, congratulations!

    You give me hope amidst my fear :)


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  • akhilmahajan
    08-11 02:00 PM
    I had my fp done on June 19th.
    When I spoke to the IO they told me that they have received my "approved" FP on 7/22

    I hope i can get the same kind of information from the IO. Will try it today.

    GO IV GO.

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  • jchan
    05-21 10:34 AM
    JChan hasnot post link to news yet. Till we confirm please keep calling. And may be news agency can be wrong.

    Its not dead yet.


    Hi I received from Chinese friend whose has some connections with lobbiests. Nonetheless, that is only for Murray amendment, but not for the HR bills. So please don't stop calling just because of it.


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  • BharatPremi
    10-15 12:01 PM
    load a big gun, aim at foot, fire.

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  • johnamit
    07-11 07:03 PM
    hope USCIS/DHS have not already replied and we are not ware of it, making july 2nd fiasco an ordinary thing rather than extra-ordinary.

    Keeping my finger cross that something positive will happen as a result of this letter and will not bite us later in the process too as someone said here throwing all these apps in cold storage.

    Everything looks suspicious after July 2nd

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  • yabadaba
    09-20 11:14 AM
    man after reading all these stories I am completely bummed out that I couldn't make it. Kudos to all of you who were there and thanks.

    01-17 09:14 PM
    I have followed the activity at this site for a few weeks now. The Indian community in the US is probably the most well to do and educated of all the minorities. Yet history repeats itself. Most are more concerned about esoteric subjects, nuclear treaties etc than the plight of the people here from their own country. If all the Indian community naturalized or not would stand up for this cause, people would listen. They would be forced to. But as always divided we fall. Somehow once this dash for permanent residence is over for people, they not only lose sight of their own struggle but also of the thousands of others involved. How many members on this site are actually green card holders or citizens?

    I do hope that everyone here endeavors to contribute with the same vigor ever after he or she has obtained his permanent residence. Immigration will always be a struggle and all should be united for the people who will come and face this daunting task over the years.

    07-16 01:20 PM
    oscarzum is an anti immigrant from losers guilt without a job. He has failed to upgrade his skills and scared to compete with us. On top of this he is now old and is sitting at home watching porn and nothing else to do except getting fatter and fatter.

    Ignore him.