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  • pappu
    06-07 01:44 PM
    Advocacy day is going well. There are about 300 meetings being planed between today and tomorrow. Its very hectic in the situation room.

    This afternoon USCIS Ombudsman came to meet us in the situation room and spoke with the members. More details and pictures will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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  • pappu
    12-02 11:49 AM
    Details of Paypal Transaction

    Transaction ID: 7KC41497SM8816707
    Item Price: $500.00 USD

    Thank you very much.

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  • a1b2c3
    12-09 02:51 AM
    I can debate you rationally under one condition; the moment you resort to personal attacks I will stop. I will assume you have a fair grip of English language and decent comprehension skills. If you agree then lets get this rolling:

    First off, have you read the link which I have provided in my previous post ?

    If you did, then I hope you will stop making simplistic comparisons of Mexicans coming into US to lets say Bangladeshi's coming into India.

    "we all know how our Police forces and other investigative agencies treat and interrogate the people in their custody"
    No, we ALL do not know that. Even if it is true in every part of the country and in each and every case, it does not make it right.

    "Just one hypothetical question for these people...What if a pregnant female terrorist is arrested by police in India, just before she was about to engage in some terrorist act in India itself, is arrested and is shackled to her hospital bed, while she gives birth...would all of these "human rights supporters be saying these same things..."

    What you are making is called a straw man argument (Straw man - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ( In this case, the woman is NOT a terrorist nor
    was she suspected of any such crime, so bringing such hypotheticals will not give any weight to your argument.

    What you are seeing is a case of 'socio-economic' osmosis. Problems of this nature has been debated across many nations of the world. How you handle these issues goes to the core character of the nation. Shooting 'intruders' is perhaps one way of looking at it. Then such a solution cannot be undertaken by a 'super-power' who wants to hold moral superiority in the league of nations.

    A few 'simple' cases of water-boarding people thought will not have any repercussions. How wrong those people were. Similarly, police torturing 'intruders' and defending such actions does not make it right. It just erodes the basic character of the entire country. Would you want to teach your own kids as to how to treat such issues ? Shooting, shackling, water-boarding etc ? Please do not give a flippant reply, do think about it before you hit the submit button.

    Socio-economic solution along with a sensible immigration policy has been found to be far more sensible as compared to a pure enforcement policy. It has been proved over the years that a pure enforcement policy which many nativists support to be economically unviable. Minutemen patrolling the borders to Gov. Perry's multi million dollar border cameras, have proven to be ineffective and economically unfeasible.

    wtf are u talking abt? water boarding? windsurfing? osmosis? archery? shacking..:D.

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  • milind70
    07-20 10:44 PM

    What I need to do now? My I-94 has wrong expiration date (I entered in US on 03/07/2007 and I got I-94 with expiration date as 01/10/2007). My attorney told me that it can be explained later. So, I've already file my 485 with a bad I-94.

    Please let me know if anything can be done or still I can do something to correct this issue.

    I have answered this for you in another thread


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  • Goodintentions
    04-14 04:53 PM
    Now you are telling the real reason :)

    2 yrs wait?? Its been 4 yrs and yet to file 485

    Fortunately you are one among the minorities that oppose this proposal. I am glad that IV has this proposal as part of its agenda

    Dear All,

    This thread is just an attempt to discuss a time bound GC programme for the suffering EB2 / EB3 folks (especially for EB3).

    Kindly note that this has nothing to do with things like Lottery, STEM or anythingelse. They are all irrelevant in this context. This is a simple message. Kindly, let us not digress. This is a humble request.

    Simply put --> this thread is ONLY interested in the EB2 / EB3 friends waiting forever

    Thanks for the understanding.

    GOD bless!

    Trust this clarifies...

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  • DD_1977
    07-06 06:11 PM

    Your order number is 1183761155. Please keep this number handy until you receive your order. You may also want to print this page for future reference.

    Dear Mr. Gonzalez,

    Thanks for giving us hope for few hours
    on July 1st and taking it away (I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    - A Legally admitted Resident from the country of Gandhi.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    03-09 11:15 AM
    This is very useful information. Pappu is unarguably right that it doesn't make sense to wait for a year even after paying $5K. The whole system is absurd.

    I am writing mail to Ombudsman regarding delay in replying FOIA.

    Guys, as IV is also putting all options and working on this, lets not loose our momentum and keep contributing towards this. Pappu's message clearly indicates that if needed, this fund will be used for this purpose specifically and also as he mentioned, we need more fund to get data earlier.

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  • vine93
    08-26 12:16 AM
    Unbelieveble...psycho you deserve this.


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  • amitjoey
    12-19 04:33 PM
    Common folks, we are so close to the half mark of $60K, let's wrap up by tonight and then set ourselves to next target, by the time new year starts up we need all available cycles to work on calling lawmakers to bring out agenda to forefront...

    so, $30K by tonight, I see anurakt pulling his check book out or probably verifying the 3 digit number in his cc....

    let's do !

    Yes, we can do it

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  • sai_dt2000
    08-11 02:36 PM
    LaserCard Systems : News & Events : Press Releases (


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  • sri1309
    07-17 10:06 PM

    Great news finally and with not too much waiting.
    !!!!!!GREAT JOB !!!!!!!

    I have no words to thank you all who were so determined to get this straightened. I was not really expecting this great news after so much disappointment and uncertainity. One thing I strongly believe is the VOICE which was needed and IV proved it by getting us all together. We must all realize that such targets can be possible only for such voice and its possible not by just one or two. We have selected a date and struck the right chord with flowers. Good job,. Please keep up the spirit and never forget to thank all those who contributed and even those who did NOTcontribute or wanted to hear us. That way the reps will know how the other party felt and is thankful and will try to really understand why it meant so much to such a huge highly educated community,.
    Though rather new to this site and infrequent visitor, I was checking your site off late quite often and I really like it.


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  • freedom2007
    03-26 11:09 AM


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  • sonu
    03-09 01:03 PM
    Please log in to the site and contribute. By logging in we can relate your contributions to your ID and confirm it by sending you a PM , Change your status as a donor and give you access to VIP forums when they are created.

    Paid my dues.

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  • thomachan72
    04-11 10:29 AM
    I reiterate what I said in my earlier post. The purpose of the post was not to start an argument. It was just an explanation of a baffling retrogression of dates.

    Many people in these forums were asking bewilderingly, how can dates which were already retrogressed by eight years can go further back? Are there people around who are waiting for 8 years just to get their labors cleared? If their labors were already done, then what were they doing for 8 years before filing AOS petitions? I explained that no, nobody was waiting for all these years at the labor stage. These are new candidates utilizing old pre-approved labors. Thats all.

    In fact, I predict retrogression to U level in EB2-I also. Many of these same people will now jump the queue again and switch to EB2 category.

    Again, this is no judgment passing. Just an explanation of things as they stand. It is what it is.

    no problem. by the way before somebody jumps on you..pls update your profile. :D


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  • dtekkedil
    07-03 02:51 PM

    From FTD.COM

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  • bsbawa10
    09-11 06:43 AM
    Did you try this campaign?

    Matthew Oh has posted an appeal to USCIS to make sure no visa number is wasted , in light of the grim October bulletin.

    If he can make an appeal, why are we not making an effort for our own good?I still see TSC giving some approvals very slowly. NSC just sucks. I believe NSC did all this in retaliation to the faxes people sent in to complain slow processing, which were very justified faxes.

    I see some accusations labelled at me about selfish EB2 motives. This is not about EB2. Even if dates are current, NSC is sleeping from last week of August. We cannot just allow them to arbitrarily close the gate whenever they want. People are allowed to file 485s till Sep 30. Consular processing applicants will go through. We, I485 pending applicants will just watch like idiots. The issue here is to make USCIS work on basis of visa bulletin, which is what they are supposed to do. Someday after say re-capture bill passes, say Eb3 is current. Then, what guarantee is there that NSC will not repeat the same fiasco?

    I fully appreciate the need to direct efforts towards re-capture bill. But, this issue is equally important.

    I am totally furstrated by the lack of mobilization in this direction. I request everybody to so something in the remaining 20 days.
    I wrote letter to Zoe, I am going to write to more congressmen. But yes, I am also frustrated by lack of mobilization. I am strongly against sending flower compaign. USCIS does not deserve flowers. It deserves demand for resignation of every slack person in there.

    Can any one of us survive in our jobs for 5 days even if we do the kind of arbitrary/inconsistent/random actions like USCIS does ?


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  • reddymjm
    12-03 11:32 PM

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  • ssreenu
    04-14 12:00 PM
    Can we rope in organizations like those mentioned in the subject line for our cause?

    Single most important reason I have not bought a house yet is that I do not have a GC and thus can be kicked out anytime. Most of my savings have been invested in Real Estate in India not because I think investment there is more profitable but because I do not have confidence that I will get GC here for sure. All of my friends who own a house waited till they got GC and those who do not own one, are those waiting for GC. In short, more GCs to Desis generally would mean increased housing demand, at least that is what the initial look at numbers indicate. Thoughts?

    I am in the same boat, I have seen many people who are also in the same situation. I don't like investing here at all for the very fact that my future is uncertain.

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  • Bharam
    03-06 03:05 PM
    Please let me know how to send money for this effort


    04-23 07:37 AM
    Dear All,
    I have Singapore Permanent Resident. Am I eligible to apply for H-1B1 Singapore visa?



    08-21 05:29 PM
    That is incorrect for my local ASC. I know that for sure. When I went to ASC for FP I do not think they were capable of answering any case related questions. All they do there is take FP notice , stamp it and do FP. They ask you to goto local office for any questions related to your case.

    Secondly how come the IO had the authority to show an internal memo to a customer. Does it make sense?

    Many are saying there won't be any IO at ASC. Not true, when I went in for Finger prints, I asked the lady who takes the finger prints about enquiring about my I-485 status! She said, she can't help, as she does not have the access and told me to call the 1-800 number and also try asking the IO at the window as there are not many people waiting and is the IO is free she might help.
    SO, after finger prints, I went back into the office and there was only one guy talking to the IO another lady was waiting. I asked the lady, if she was waiting for the IO, she said she is here with her husband. She's an African American lady and her husbandwas inside the Fingerprinting room, I am guessing this as that guy sounded like from Africa and may he's a Family Based visa applicant.

    Aftert the guy at the counter finished his work, I went to the counter as no one else was waiting there. I asked IO, a nice lady, if she could help me with the Status of our Name Check. SHe asked me, if I had an appointment, I said no, but I had a finger print appointment and I could not get an Infopass appointment around the same time (I had finger print appointment at 3 PM and I did try to get an Inforpass appointment around that time so that I could enquire about the status too, but there was none around that time and the closest one was around 12:45 PM, so I thought I would just try my luck).

    She then said, we just received this memo and let me read it and said this supersedes everything and even everything is clear for you nothing will happen, asking me if I was from India/China hesitantly as she could fingure out I was from India, untill new visas are allocated in October. She then took our I-485 receipts and went inside to check the status of our applications.

    I am in Midwest and not all the USCIS/ASC offices treat as bad, as these guys may not have that many applicants coming to the office, like int Northeast or California.

    I had talked to her earlier also, after taking an Infopass appointment, as I had receive someone else's EAD and went to return so that the actual person would get her EAD. Last year USICS had sent some one else's EAD to me, the EAD was some one else's, but the letter it comes with was in my name (I had also received my EAD separately, strange are the ways USCIS works and I don't have to tell the guys at IV). Then also, she check status of our applications and told out namechecks were not cleared and finger prints were cleared. SHe even told, even if my wife's checks are cleared they would not apporve her untill my applications is approved. SO, I had this hope that this lady might help this time without Infopass appointment.

    Hope this helps.