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  • gc_chahiye
    07-26 11:20 AM
    :)) nice !!

    Write LSAT and go to Law School and become a lawyer and to start practicing you should get admitted to the bar. The bar requirements vary.

    In some states like california , you can work under a attorney for 10 (if not ten say 'n') years and get addmitted to the bar.

    good luck!!


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  • morchu
    05-15 01:44 AM
    1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. No issues. You have approved I140, and using this you can get 3 year extension. But be careful to be discreet about the job change, because by any chance if your current employer revokes the I140, before your extension approval, you will be in trouble. (Because the basis for approval of beyond 7nth year extension is your approved I-140.)

    1. Can I change my employer?
    2. Can I retain my Priority date?
    3. If the new employer files for transfer of H1, what does it mean to my extension beyond 7th year?

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  • needhelp!
    09-23 05:59 PM
    Here is one of the comments below that article that makes sense too (claims to be from a congressional staffer):

    As a congressional staffer, I'd say you should just call. Even if you address the letter to the LA, it will likely be passed off to an intern or an LC (legislative correspondent). Writing to constituents is not fun, and most offices have people that do it all day long.

    More than likely, an intern will pick up. DO NOT just start rambling about whatever issue you want to gripe about. This signals the person who answered that you are crazy, and should not be speaking to a staff member. They are very busy, and no one is going to pass a crazy person off to their boss. The intern will know to either say "We'll pass that on for you" (which he will not), or say "I've made a note and I'll deliver it to the congressman" (again, he will not). Interns don't know anything, nor do they have the power to do anything.

    Instead, simply say your full name and ask whoever is on the phone to speak with the LA who handles the issue about which you are concerned. Be calm, be stern. If you speak to the LA, don't just start off with "I have some opinions I'd like you to know; here they are!" Instead, ask questions! Ask what the congressman's positions are on the issues. Ask why. Explain your own position. Finally, ask if there is any other information the staffer might need.

    You might be passed off to voice mail. Do NOT give your opinions here. Simply say that you have some concerns about a certain issue, and that you would like a call back.

    Most offices have daily callers and letter writers who leave incoherent notes and messages about anything from UFOs to mexican truck drivers. Your goal should be to separate yourself from this crowd.
    Do this, and be rational, and you just might make a difference.

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  • baires
    09-02 08:40 PM
    Good info. Much appreaciated


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  • GCVictim
    10-13 11:06 AM
    I am sponsoring to My In-laws next month for visiting next month. I am preparing documents for them. My questions is... What are documents required from my wife side? she is not working.

    What should I send from her?

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  • lost_angeles
    03-02 03:47 PM


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  • anilsal
    07-17 11:42 PM
    Alright all,

    Celebrating the good news here.

    Question: Did anybody receive confirmation about their AOS applications being returned after filling in early July (Say on the 2nd or 3rd)? I know there have been rumors about a few returned applications but I haven't actually found anyone in such situation + my attorneys confirmed today that USCIS specifically instructed not to return/reject them.

    An answer will magically appear after you have contributed to the IV cause.

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  • pappu
    07-05 01:37 PM
    I don't have 15 mts time to search on forum. I had a question and I asked, Lasantha promptly answered. And you further wasted my time by writing your expert opinion and now I am wasting my time further replying to you. No hard feelings adios!
    Pls do not be rude in your responses. How can you expect others to spend time answering your questions if you dont have time for them.
    By creating new threads on the same topic you are wasting everyone's time and making it difficult for us to manage the forum. Please understand and spend a few minutes on the forum before you post a question.


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  • smohan
    07-15 06:31 AM
    Thanks for your answer indio0617, it is greatly helpful.

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  • tarone
    11-28 05:22 PM

    There is wrong priority date on my Labor Certification approval. They
    put 2001 instead of 2002 .
    It looks they apparently mixed date with some other candidate who have
    similar name as mine. They lost his case and put his priority date on mine.

    Now can somebody tell me what are my options?
    I can not file if the priority date is correct on LCA. But If I apply
    for 1-485 using this wrong date, it may be risky because if they find
    the correct date it may be problem.

    Therefore, I don;t want to take any risk, I just want to apply for
    I-140 but should I contact LABOR OFFICE to fix the date and then submit
    the application for I-140. Unfortunately Labor Office is not replied
    yet on my request to fix this issue.

    Any Advice.


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  • agiridhar
    05-14 12:52 PM
    Anti trust lawsuits are brought about when it is found that a company or institution is using it's power of monopoly to bring in anti-competitive measures. In this case, which institution is using it's monopoly - the government?

    USCIS (erst while INS) I guess...

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  • kirupa
    12-16 08:10 PM
    Hello Mike,
    I was about to launch Swift 3D and try what you were having problems with, but I found another solution that might work better. The best thing I would recommend that you try would be to use Flash for all the modification of the keyframes, etc.

    I always use a separate Movie instance in Flash to import all my Swift 3D animations. Also, for the sake of file size, I only work on one Swift 3D animation at once. I then import that animation and any other animations to Flash itself. Within Flash, you can customize how many times you wish for the animation to loop, crop out extraneous frames, etc.

    Try that method. Use Swift 3D for the initial 3D rendering and animation. Use Flash for the keyframe modifications, etc. Swift 3D has a very clunky keyframe interface, and it is not very user friendly.

    I hope that helped. If you have any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reply back.

    Kirupa Chinnathambi (


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  • martinvisalaw
    06-30 11:28 AM
    Strictly speaking, she cannot use the AP to enter the US unless she had it in her possession when leaving the US.

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  • sinemkeceli
    01-24 11:03 PM
    I had a opt which expired on the 9th. of november and on june 08 i applied to start green card process with help of a lawyer.I have a master degrees from the US and my lawyer told me that i did not need to apply for a H1 visa or a work permit and could directly go for green card. we started the process in june 08 and I applied to eta 9089 on september 08 and could not get any reply back for almost 5 months. My lawyer tells me that it is normal to not get an answer for so long even thought I think we had to get an answer in 3 to 4 weeks after september. Now, my lawyer suggests me to go back to my country as my status will be put of satatus and I could continue my green card process from back home.

    I would like to know if my lawyer is telling me the truth or my lawyer made any mistake..

    I need help!!!


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  • bigboy007
    08-24 10:45 PM
    This is a contract position to work in canada.This is normally through couple of vendors.

    My employer is a small consulting company,which don't have own projects.So they pay only when I get project with other consultancies companies and bill through them.
    You get work visa in canada then you need to be paid in canada..Work visa in canada has nothing to do with that of US status.

    If you are getting paid in usa ( it seems like) and planning on working in canada on visitor visa its not legal. This might be the reason.

    Your status in US has nothing to do with Working/Visiting/studying in Canada.

    If you have used AP you "Probably" not on H1 any more.. there are some contradicting statements of IV members on this before. But I have seen USCIS sending a notice for one of my friend where in which he was advised to use AP ( as he is considered being on AOS eventhough he has H1) in future.

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  • eb3retro
    07-10 09:31 AM
    Hello All,
    I have couple of questions regarding Travel Document or Advance Parole.

    My EAD has already been filed by my Lawyer but she is charging too much for filing Advance Parole or Travel Document,so here goes my questions.

    - Is there a way to file for Travel Document myself, without involving the lawyer and if yes how can i do that

    - Do I need to wait for my EAD Receipt being sent to me before filing for Travel Document.

    i did this exactly, where my lawyer filed my ead, but i filed my ap myself. all u need is i-485 receipt copy.


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  • getgreensoon1
    04-26 11:46 AM
    I am wondering if anybody had done this before: I want to work part time (20 hrs/week) for 6 months( and no other job). I am on H1 but I also have EAD. So I am wondering if there are any implications to this such as I need to amend my H1b , because of some obscure law my GC process will be affected. Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    I had a friend in the same situation. Had H1 and EAD. He worked halftime for two years to finish his MBA. Now went back to fulltime H1. I think your company has to approve it and yes he filed ammendment.

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  • anilsal
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Getting name change while you are on Indian passport is a lot cheaper and easier than getting it done on US passport.

    You get the name changed in Indian passport. Then you need to get a new I797. USCIS notifies SSA, who will issue you a new SSN card (you cannot get ssn changed directly).

    I am not sure how much of this is an issue with GC process.

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  • gc_in_30_yrs
    07-27 04:20 PM
    Hi, I know this question is being asked by many people. I am sorry, but still confused. My situation is:

    EB3 - Labor filed - Aug, 2004 - BackLogged - Philadelphia - 45 day letter - Replied
    EB2 - Labor filed - Nov, 2005, Approved, I-140 filed - Mar 2006 - Approved.

    Can I continue using EB3, once Labor Approved anbd I-140 Approved, can I use that PD to my EB2? The job description is definately different on EB3 and EB2. Still can I use the EB3 PD on to EB2?

    Gurus, Please advise.


    06-21 10:58 AM
    I am not a lawyer but was involved in something similar.

    C can take you to court and stop you from being hired by vendor. It will be very difficult for them to push for damages etc. but thye can bring a stop on your hiring.

    If C is a small desi consultant the chances are dim he will come after you. But if he is reasonably sized with lawyers within the company, you mgiht get a notice. You can take a chance, but usually the lawyer fees etc might not be worth the effort.

    Your other option is to have your vendor buy you out - which means the vendor pays an X amount to C, and that frees you up from any contracts/non-competes.

    Good luck!

    08-11 05:20 PM
    She has hired an accountant to do the taxes at the end of the year and a contractor who manages a web site, keeps the paperwork and provides the services. She has not hired anyone full time since it is a very small operation with approx. $500 in income per month.