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  • hpandey
    11-11 03:02 PM
    And as I said before knowing about child abuse and not notifying the cops is a bigger crime than hiring an illegal alien . In this case the child depends upon you for protection and you know about the abuse but you are considering whether to notify the cops or not !

    This can come back on you itself in case someone else notifies the police ( your friend maybe ? ) The Department of Social Services is very strict in this country and I believe your child is a US citizen considering that he is only 8 months old ( most probably ).

    How can you think of not getting justice for your child who cannot defend himself and not get justice himself. If he could speak believe me he would want to see the nanny in prison.

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  • Saralayar
    04-15 11:14 AM
    After all these posts your plan of action is to start a blog and send emails to Congress. :D

    Is that all you can think of? I suggest you educate yourself first on how laws in Congress are changed. Talk to others who were able to change laws in Congress. Then find out how they did it, money they spent, time it took and people it took.

    In this country if you want to do anything via congress you have to lobby. Tell me one bill in this country that was passed because someone created a blog and emailed congress.
    Before laughing at others why don't you update your profile with your GC filing details??

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  • tinamatthew
    07-22 10:50 AM
    So, basically if I get a new I-94, am I in status again? Someone mentioned that you should be in status since your last arrival to the US. That was in 2004. So, i was under teh impression that I had to leave the country and return and things would be OK.

    If you know, can you PM me any lawyer who you can help in this matter?

    Yes when you leave the country you are in status again! for i-485 AOS, USCIS will look at your status since your LAST entry into the country

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  • ericx
    07-17 10:30 PM
    Contribution today through Paypal:
    Transaction ID: 1HJ08461WE0053721
    Item Price: $100.00 USD
    Total: $100.00 USD
    Order Description: Contributions
    Item/Product Number: Contributions


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  • anurakt
    12-19 10:27 AM
    You guy are not making me nervous yet..... yeah web campaign is free and this costs money ..... hmmm ....

    Hey hey :D :D I am still winning the challenge ..... I think this forum is full of watchers.... not doers !!

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  • gjoe
    09-24 06:42 AM
    If you are a network admin you will know that this is not enough evidence for what you are claiming. But you have started off on the right path in investigating.

    GCStatus & MadhuVJ,

    192.168.xx.xx is private IP address. Your service provider is Comcast and your IP is We would not post your IP if you do not stop making things up. We know that its the same person, you cannot convince otherwise. Look, I am not telling you to mend your ways, do what you feel helps your objective. But when we find something in competition with our objective, we will have to let you know. And as you suggested, please do send us your phone number. We sure would like to get a chance to speak with you.



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  • belmontboy
    04-15 11:39 AM
    Let us say that i agree to what ever you say. In what way does everything you stated above make a STEM graduate eligible for GC without an Employer sponsership. Why does it have to be only STEM graduates which will not need employer sponsership. If giving GC based on completion of MS in us is bypassing the employee sponserhsip then that has to be extended to all EB categories of immigrants (EB1/EB2/EB3) and the benefit o those visas have to be passed to the badly retrogressed category first.

    Yes, the provision would apply across all EB classes. And if its quota exempted, then it does not matter as every eligible candidate gets his/her turn.

    It si not teh question of liek or unliking or having jealousy. It is the question of law. According to the US law employee sponsership is EB category so any new bill which has to be introduced will have to follow the EB category employee sponsership rule, othwer wise it wil not see the light of the day.

    Yes, that's what this provision is targeting. Change the law, make STEM grads cap exempt

    Personally i see no chance of this DV lottery STEM billpassing in any shape or form either now or in the future

    Answers inline

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  • gc_dedo
    12-04 11:52 PM
    I dont know what humanity you talk about ronhira.
    Why do we have borders. People are dying in Africa and want to come to US.
    Let US Immigration stop checking and let everyone in.
    We are humane and want to help everyone. How about that.
    Writing big paragraphs wont help you.

    And those supporting illegals you may know they have never supported legal immigrants.
    They never let any bills that help legal immigrants pass.

    ANyways the whole story is baseless, These illegals always try to blame something on Sherrif whos just doing his job.


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  • black_logs
    12-20 09:52 PM
    We are really thankful for your contributions. Let me remind all the members here, every penny you are paying to IV is accounted for. All the expenses incurred by IV members for traveling to DC for various meetings are all non-billable and are borne by themselves. There are few core team members whose personnel expenses have gone beyond 10K. I believe each of you can very well understand their need for green card is no more or less than your need for the status. So everybody, I repeat, everybody, please come forward and contribute.


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  • lynliu
    07-17 11:09 PM
    You guys rock!


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  • chanduv23
    11-11 04:40 PM
    Is 485 the sole purpose of our life now ? Personally I don't give a damn about the GC if I have to see my family suffer and I don't think any crime can be worse than seeing an adult abusing an infant who can't protect himself and not doing something about it.

    Do you want to let a illegal nanny dictate your situation? Your unfortunate situation because you hired a illegal nanny which resulted in your child get beaten up further mess you?

    Come on man - this is called knee jerk reaction - I can understand the anger because no one will tolerate beating children.

    If something has to be done from now on in this IV community - write blogs about hiring nannies, and also warn people about what is happening on sulekha and ads on grocery stores etc... Ask people to be wary of all this. Such awareness will reduce these kind of incidents.

    For our friend, it is his choice

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  • aashimav
    04-10 07:19 PM
    I'm not sure if I'm eligible to apply for Master's quota. I'm done with all my degree requirements and I've scheduled my thesis defence on MAy 20th. Is it still possible that I can apply in Master's quota. I've a letter from my schools which states that I'm done with all my degree requirements and I'll be finishing thesis on May 20th. Is this letter enough to apply for MAsters??


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  • jsb
    08-21 04:11 PM
    Yes, I agree. Preadjudication by no means, is a confirmed decision. It is just do as much as possible, but when the time comes, re-review the case - which can result in RFE for anything. Nothing is confirmed until decison is made. Be positive and hope for the best...

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  • fatjoe
    08-22 12:27 AM

    Your case may be preadjudicated.....(if at all that is actually true)....yet it does not stop USCIS from sending an RFE for anything especially it has been over a few months since they last saw ur case....and once an RFE is issued you again go back in the list and the wait continues to next year when the window again opens for a short time.

    It is absolutely nonsense that preadjudicated cases are in a pile waiting for visa number...this is from my attorney....USCIS can issue n number of RFEs.....and each time it is issued it furthers the chance of green....


    How do you know if your case is pre-adjudicated or not. Could we call USCIS and ask the representative about this?
    PD - July 2004 - EB2
    I-485 RD - August 17, 2007 - TSC
    I-485 ND - Oct 16, 2007
    Is there a chance that mine pre-adjudicated? I attended the interview on Jun 25, 2009. The DAO asked me for various docs and I provided all those. Is there a chance of getting RFE still?


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  • deecha
    07-20 04:08 PM
    Dude ,

    You been thru a lot and looks like you still have some sanity left in you. Keep up the good spirit ... Good luck with your 485 ...:)

    Thanks for the morale booster ! :-)
    There have definitely been some challenges but that's life.
    All the best to you.

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  • rnanchal
    02-04 06:53 PM
    As I alluded to earlier. Specualtion is all one can indulge in. Everyone know what our plight is. Politicians and USCIS act dumb to suit and advance their own needs and agendas. Things will start moving only when the politicians decide it suits their needs


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  • rsdang
    08-21 04:09 PM
    Come on we do more than just complain... we also wait patiently for years :-)

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  • desi485
    07-09 08:18 PM
    not sure if in general a lawsuit can be filed against a law?

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  • RandyK
    12-19 08:12 AM
    Just contributed.

    07-17 07:25 PM
    Thank you to every one who contributed to make ourselves heard. We still have a long way to go and must rejoice, only to regroup for the bigger fight!

    Three Cheers for IV!!!

    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!
    Hip Hip Hurray!

    08-21 05:45 PM
    i still think you are lying!

    I am EB2 and my Priority Date is not current and it is 06 Sept 2006. I just wanted to check if my name check was cleared.