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  • rag_1970
    11-10 08:51 AM
    I came to US on H4, 3 years ago. Later I took my H1B with a recruiter and got it with I-94. It was valid up to 2007 oct. But I couldn't take up any work due to some problems. Recently I went to India and came back. At the port of entry I got new I-94 with H4 stamping. Means My H1 Is not valid now ? In this case, is there any way to apply for change of status again as my H1 is valid up to 2007. Or else do I need to apply for my new H1B again ? Pl. any one clarify.

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  • Hfour
    07-07 03:26 AM
    Hope this info helps.

    Hi ameryki, this is probably what she was referring to in QUESTION #2.

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  • black_logs
    04-04 03:25 PM
    We have in our contract with our strategic counsel that no part of our payment to them, will go to any political fundraisers. This issue was ironed before we even started asking for money. We could not have risked our careers. Our Contributers are also very smart as you are so they made sure they are doing everything withing the boundries of law, as you're doing. It is appreciable!!!

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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-23 03:53 PM

    My employer and lawyer won't give me the Receipt notice of my I-485 which we filed on July 2nd. My employer did not let me file my EAD/AP as well.

    Do I have any way of filing EAD/AP on my own without a copy of the receipt notice(after it is generated and sent to the lawyer)?

    Someone told me that Fingerprinting notice that we get looks just like I-485 receipt notice and has all the information in there. Can we use a copy of that notice in place of I-485 RN?

    The application instructions for I-765 mention that we need to submit "I-485 receipt notice OR any other proof that I-485 is pending"

    Any one?


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  • kannan
    11-17 03:26 PM
    I do not have anything,It was applied by my previous employer, and we do not have good terms.

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  • ranand00
    09-01 08:41 PM
    Hi I am a Physical therapist on H4.

    company A wants to sponsor my h1. I have physical therapist license from STATE A and Letter from State B that they do not issue license without ssn no ( and i have letter from credentialing body also saying i meet all requirements for licensure for STATE B,I also have visa screen and other required documents.

    can company A file An H1 with multiple LCAS - 2 states, so H1 is issued for 3 years

    What service centre would the application go to-the one for which i have license of the one for which i have letter from board (ssn needed for license).

    Once the h1 is approved can i work in any of the 2 states.

    How long is the H1b taking to get approved if filed in regular processing and say no rfe is recieved

    What problems could the approval face



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  • rajuram
    10-10 09:53 PM

    This is question to july 485 files, has anyone from Austin, tx received FP appointment.
    I filed on jul 25 ( NSC) got transferred to TSC and got receipts on 9/27
    and EAD on 10/2, but no FP as yet.

    Just wondering if FP did get lost...or am i in line..

    Comments, suggestions ???


    I know someone in Austin whose RN date is 2 days before you and he got his FP last week.....

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  • poojasjain82
    02-04 04:01 PM

    I have an H1, with a receipt date of April 2006. It was valid till July 2008. I came to US on that H1 in 2007 for 2 months. After that I have been working in India till March 2009.

    Currently I am on H4. And there is a gap in employment since March 2009.
    I have got an offer now and employer will take care of my H1.

    I need to know what is the process of H4 to H1 in this case.? Can anybody help me
    How much time does this change of status takes place?
    The H1 now will be valid for how much time?
    Will it depend on my husband's expiry date of H1. My husband's H1 is expiring in Sep 2010
    Is it not recommended to move out of the country till status is changed from H4 to H1.

    Please somebody reply. Its urgent!

    Thanks in advance


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  • fasterthanlight�
    05-19 05:49 PM

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    08-10 10:48 AM
    My husband is the primary and got his GC in July last year, under EB2. Upon suggestion, from my lawyer, I have made 1 info pass appointment (Oct 07) and raised 4 service tickets till now. All say they are processing.

    My priority date is Aug 05. Now that the priority dates have moved. I have put one more service ticket but do not know what will happen. Upon again contacting my lawyer, suggested me to contact Congressman / Senator.

    Anyone in the same pool ? Any suggestions ? I am in Pennsylvania state (Chester County).



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  • linuxra
    09-28 09:34 PM
    Before i present my RFE I will explaing My GC:
    I did masters and worked on OPT for sometime with Company A and they applied H1B,
    still working for Company A as H1B as Senoir Programmer ANalyst.
    At one point CompanyB filed GC process and I-140 approved as a IT Manager in EB2
    PD=jan 2006
    Still working with H1B from COmpany A
    I never worked for Company B and it no longer exists...
    Company A recently merged with ANother Company X
    I recently got an RFE How do i respond PLease help me:
    Below are the details

    Please submit a properly completcd Form G-325A, Biographic Information Sheet, for yourself. Your original
    signature is required on the Form G-325A. Photocopied signatures are not acceptable. Blank immigration forms
    and information are available online from the official Service website: USCIS Home Page. You may also ordcr
    immigration forms by phone at 1-800-870-3676.

    Submit documentary evidencc to establish your employmcnt history listcd on Form G-325A. Such evidence
    should include, but is not limited to:

    Clear copies ofIRS Form W -2 wage and tax statcmcnts;
    Pay vouchers;

    Complete copies of properly filcd Federal Individual Income Tax Returns (IRS Form 1040);

    Any additional documentation which confirms your employment history.
    You must submit a currcntly dated letter from your intended permanent employer dcseribing your present job
    duties and position in the organization, your proffered position, if different from your current position, the date
    you began employment and the offered salary or wage. This letter must be in the original and signed by an
    executive or officer of the organization who is authorized to make or confirm an offer of permanent
    employment. The letter must also indicate whether the terms and conditions of your employment-based visa
    petition or labor certification continue to exist.
    If you have changed employers since filing your application for adjustment of status, please submit a statement
    which lists the names and locations of all employers you have had in the US and the beginning and end dates of
    each position unless these have been included on Form G-325A.

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  • kondur_007
    07-26 08:31 PM
    I agree with the post above.

    I think the best option he has is to speak with the CBP officer at the port of entry and explain him the situation: that he wanted to use automatic visa revalidation and by mistake he surrendered I 94. Hopefully he will issue a new I 94 for him. But more likely he will ask him to go to the consulate and get the new stamp.

    What he should NOT do is: to enter on the attached I 94 on H1 visa extension approval (the reason is technical: usually the I 94 that comes attached with change of status has the SAME number as your old I 94 attached to passport; so for practical pusposes, he has surrender both his I 94s). If he now enters with the I94 attached with H1 approval, (and as that is already cancelled when he surrendered other I 94), he will be considered present illegally. This would have much worse consequencies than to wait in Torronto and get the visa stamped.

    Good Luck.


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  • mbawa2574
    07-30 06:41 PM
    I am ready to Volunteer.

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  • vgopal375
    06-18 03:43 PM

    I am on Adv-Parole (with EAD) and planning to visit India in July 2010.

    I know that UK and France require transit visa, but I was wondering whether I can fly via KLM (Amsterdam) OR Lufthansa (Frankfurt) without any transit visa ?

    Will appreciate the response.



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  • hsadan
    10-01 04:36 AM
    lol ok...

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  • dohko
    04-29 07:42 AM
    I got the following message, does this mean they're sending me my green card? Or I have to wait until they say Card production ordered?


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On April 23, 2009, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later. If you move before you get your new card call customer service. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.


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  • pappu
    07-24 04:38 PM
    Wait until 180 days. Check the archives for answer before starting new threads. Pls try to have a more descriptive title to threads.

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  • MYGCBY2010
    07-23 03:12 PM
    Me and my spouse both work on H1B and I am applying for I-485 along with EAD/AP for both me and my spouse. My question is since my spouse is already in H1B with certain job title which was mentioned in one of the documents that was filled with i-485, when spouse uses EAD does she need to be looking for similiar jobs only?. Please clarify. Thanks in advance.

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  • Dhundhun
    05-25 02:34 AM
    I filed for my EAD last year along with 485 and the lawyer sent the application to Nebraska Service Center, however, the receipt notice I received was from Texas Service Center.

    Now, for Q11 - Have you ever applied for EAD from USCIS? Which USCIS office, which office should I mention? NSC or TSC?


    What is your USCIS receipt number: if LIN.... it should be Nebreska

    06-18 04:08 PM
    Hello ,
    We both husband and wife are on H1 B's and working and her six years will be completed 2 yrs from today.
    My wife does not plan to start her GC with her employer and now I want to include her when filing I-485.

    Do I have to fill out a seperate I-485 form for her ?
    Do I have to fill out a seperate I-765 form for her ?
    Do I have to fill out a seperate I-131 form for her?
    Do I have to fill out a seperate G-325 form for her ?
    Do I have to file the support affidavit(I-864) for her ?

    Please do take time to answer .


    you have to fill separate forms for yourself and your wife
    in your wife's application , a copy of approved I140 or pending receipt must be included and also the I -864

    Marriage certificate should be in both the applications.

    03-03 09:34 AM
    I always feel the indirect money flow is not counted for.......