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  • rpat1968
    09-02 03:12 PM
    Looking at the Approval trend, it looks like TSC and NSC are not following the FIFO (Based on PD, ND etc) when approval. More than half of the approvals are after my PD.
    Any one has any idea of approximately many EB2-I cases were approved last year in Sept 2008. Because of the out of turn approvals random date approvals I may be loosing chance once again this time.

    I had RFE's for my wife's and my I485 way back in March 09 and after we replied to the RFE's and there multiple LUD's and Soft LUD's till 04/14/2009. On 04/04/2009 last Soft LUD was on my Wife's , Daughter (she never got any RFE) and my case and since then no updates. I was assuming that my case is PreAdjudicated and had high hopes.

    Once again seeing an inefficient and irresponsible USCIS being unfair...
    PD : 07/08/2004
    ND : 08/09/2007
    I485 Receipt date : 07/02/2007
    Current status : H1B ( working for employer who sponsored GC)
    I140 approved : 11/2006

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  • prakashv44
    10-26 02:32 PM
    We need a new bill which supports legal

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  • GCNeophyte
    08-04 11:14 AM
    When USCIS sent you the RFE notice, you would have seen "Request for Evidence". After USCIS receives your response, you would have seen the hard LUD, while the header is still for RFE. Then after some days (with in 60 days), the header changes to "Request for Evidence Response Review", while the old header "Request for Evidence" vanishes. I was in the same boat like you. I spoke to my attorney's team and they offered me the insight glimpse of working of USCIS.

    Do you know if this status continues after the 60 days? I had RFE and status is in "Request for Evidence Response Review" since we replied the RFE.

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  • conchshell
    05-16 12:05 PM
    Guys ... Ron has reported this campaign on his website forum:


    I like his blog title : Its time to pull the teeth of the Hispanic Caucus

    I am trying to get it listed by Matthew Oh, Sheela Murthy, and Rajiv Khanna


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  • chanduv23
    06-14 06:22 AM
    Agreed, It is very unfortunate for people stuck in backlogs and I feel your pain... But would you rather have seen USCIS waste over 40000 visas by the end of the year without any PD movement (as reported by some on this forum)? We would have had another thread here blasting the inefficiency and unfairness of USCIS.

    Bottomline, I would not like to work in USCIS right now.. They are basically damned if they do, damned if they dont. That said, I do hope that BECs get their act together like USCIS is trying to and get everyones labor cleared by the deadline before the next retrogression hits.

    As dates will remain current for a while, and when dates retrogress - my take is they may not retrogress to a degree where backlogged applications are dated. So as approvals keep coming out of BECs the PDs of those backlogged till now may be eligible for filing 485.

    This is my take. I write this because I understand your frustrations. The game is not over - I have a feeling that a lot of people will be on EAD status for a while

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  • h_shaik
    05-05 11:56 AM
    Myself and my wife's green card is approved. Got the email yesterday. Wish you best of luck who are waiting for approvals.


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  • Lasantha
    04-01 10:15 AM
    I only counted 7. But strangely enough, there's an approval for a 04/03/2007 PD. (The user Horus). I guess he is just very lucky!!!

    reports that 12 485 approvals (ROW) on the 31st, and EB3 catagory are being approved for PD 2007! mainly from TSC.

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  • amitjoey
    07-11 07:09 PM
    All you folks cheering are plain stupid. All this will do is make the GC process extra long and tedious.

    Mark my word. It is a very "stupid" action.

    Extra Long and tedious? Is it any short and swift right now?
    My pd is June 2003, what do you expect me to do? Wait 5 more years?


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  • sdrblr
    09-03 04:36 PM
    I never saw the CPO email or status...all that got via email and online is "Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident". Does this mean no card ordered or is it kind of goes with out saying.

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  • waitforevergc
    09-01 11:53 PM
    Wow. That's a lot of Approvals in a day.

    Congratulations to all from my side and enjoy the new found freedom.

    To all gurus here, does this mean that we can expect date forward movement in OCT bulletin?
    Mine is EB2 India Apr 2008. Any chance for me to file i-485?


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  • angelfire76
    04-08 05:27 PM
    i met a guy like this last weekend. came to US 2/3 yrs back. has masters in India and has 5 yrs total experience. not doing any research. He is actually a contractor at a client. the employer, applied his GC under EB1. he got GC under 1yr. I was amazed.
    he says, his employer applied for few of his other colleagues too, but rejected. most amazingly, for one of his boss (1 or 2 levels above him) also they applied under EB1 but his app was rejected. unbelievable stuff. i guess the EB1 verification is random.

    Be so bothered about this trend if it was not siphoning away green card numbers from people who have paid taxes for so many years, played by the rules and still don't have anything to show for it. Plus under EB1 these guys completely skip the labor cert system and escape the brunt of DOL inefficiency.

    Nowadays with job openings I'm seeing that the lowest common denominator is taken over a better qualified candidate, the differentiator being GC. If that's the case these guys/gals gaming the system will one day be our bosses. And we with our degrees and experience will have no other option but so say "Yes sir" to these chumps who got lucky.

    I'm honestly thinking of writing a letter to the CIS director asking them to please scrutinize these applications closely.

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  • abracadabra102
    10-05 05:19 PM
    Till early part of 2004 or latter part of 2003, most of the Indians applied EB3 very few applied EB2. After 2004, it was reverse. I doubt any one appled EB3 in 2005 0r 2006.

    If EB3 stays continously in 2001 and EB2 in 2004 (there is 3 year difference in cutoff date between EB2 and EB3 now), the guys with EB3 PD 2002 and 2003 will convert to EB2 by applying new 140 to transfer PD. This flow will balance the cut-off dates. Eventually it will reach a common ground or a break-even point.

    There is a small problem with EB3->EB2 PD porting I guess. Now that premium processing for I-140 is suspended indefinitely, I-140 approvals may take a while for this porting to happen.


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  • sandy_anand
    05-08 03:48 PM
    Hopefully you'll get your PERM approved well before that. As soon as you get your PERM approved, make sure you file for your 140 under premium processing. IMHO, it's well worth the $1000 extra.

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  • sanju_dba
    07-13 03:12 PM
    let me take a guess - at the minimum - 2 years for your PD and 4-5 years for my PD.

    For you and me isnt it < 1year?

    485 Inventory (http://www.uscis.gov/USCIS/Green%20Card/Green%20Card%20Through%20a%20Job/Employment%20Based%20I-485%20Pending%20Inventory%20as%20of%20May%2027%202 010.pdf)

    going by using unused visa from worldwide allocation within the category ie eb3 for 2011 year, 42.6k visas will help clearing off 9356 peinding cases till Jan 2003?
    Am I missing anything?
    Why eb2 were processed with 7K cases worldwide and only 700 for eb3 worldwide?
    If 42600 / 4 = 10650 cases can be processed per quarter in eb3 , why only 700 were processed?


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  • glus
    02-02 12:05 PM
    I think Kerry(i think it is actually Kennedy E who introduced it - SA180 , SA 187 did not have anyhting to do with us it was for Women centers) di dnot have any good intentions for us in troducing this.If you see on Thomas(or congress.gov and search for HR2, see the fourth version, and check out amendments), SA180 was amendment to SA143 (this is by our friend Jeff Sessions). So most probably it was part of politics. Also this status says both these amendments wer eintroduced in Senate but thats it, they did not pass.

    Yes, you are right, I got confused and removed my post. Yes, the 180 one was the right one.

    So, should we call or e-mail sen. Kennedy and ask him to push forward?

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  • rkg000
    03-25 02:06 PM
    Everybody, please calm down. I don't know what the intention of this thread was, but if it is to increase the participation to achieve IV's goals, then I am sure you all realize it is having the exact opposite affect. The only thing happening on this thread is donors and non-donors going at each other in a way of unbecoming of us professionals.

    I am sure we can agree to disagree with respect. Think about some of the messages written and you wonder would it be really said if they were facing the person.

    I personally don't think bitzbyte is or was berating IV's efforts. All he/she needs is more convincing. And I don't think he/she is alone. If that was the case then we would be having 49000 members donating and the advocacy effort would be a grand success and we would be having millions for lobbying. The fact is that there are more like bitzbyte than the donors. I am not sure where the problem is but there sure is. Heck, I am donor and I don't find myself talking about IV or hearing about IV from colleagues or friends. Everybody has their priorities set and the daily grind to go through. Getting a GC may not be everyone's ultimate goal. There was a time I used to be so obsessed with GC that my whole life seemed to be revolving around bulletins and the disappointment of backlogs. One day I said enough is enough and stopped worrying about it.

    But I realized that the question is not about whether and when I get GC, but is it fair, to you and your family, to go through years of this agony. It is not fair and we have to do something about it.

    As much as everybody needs IV to address their needs, IV needs them to achieve our collective goals. Lets think about ways to increase participation rather than marginalizing those that don't yet believe.


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  • Widget
    06-06 04:57 PM
    Any updates?

    House session starts at 2 PM today. Lets hope there is some talk about any next step for the confrence committee.

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  • amitjoey
    01-12 04:58 PM
    we have 1000s of people debating about a bill on IV, but there are less than 10 people actually talking to the lawmakers to get the bill to come on the floor.

    The real work is to talk to the lawmakers so this bill has a chance to come on the floor, if and only if it comes on the floor, we can then discuss how we can tweak it to benefit all EB Categories and add ammendments.

    Otherwise, it is just one of the 100's of bills that will never ever even be debated.

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  • jamesingham
    05-16 11:50 AM
    Do you need to be married at the time of applying I-140 to get GC in the same application ?

    My question is when is the latest that one can get married so as to get his/her spouse a GC on the same application.

    09-01 06:23 PM
    My coworker got approval today (09/01/09) from NSC

    Here is the detail:

    PD: Nov 2004
    RD: Aug 2007
    ND: Sep 2007
    RFE: Jun 2009 for EVL. He changed employer on EAD but I did not file AC21.

    06-17 10:32 AM

    How do u know that CIR is dead..? I could not any information on the link provided.

    I do not know any thing like this where people on H1 (I am not forgetting L1s and others .. :) ) have come together and voiced a request to hear our problem and reduce retrogression.

    I wish this goes forward .. Plan B, I think SKILL BILL (?) must be put in to thought.

    Yes I read It wont come to a debate until the current one is resolved. I also read , the effort will continue until this problem is looked in to and helped.

    CIR may not be completely over ... but discussing Plan B would be good.